Friday, April 11, 2014

Indigo Spring/Summer Launch

Hi. Remember me? I used to blog. And then life hit me square in the face with some personal stress and some work stress. Long hours this week meant I was getting home, eating some dinner, and climbing my stressed out body into bed. Sigh. But things have started to turn around! Hurrah!

Anyway, last week I was invited to go to the launch of Indigo/Chapter's Spring and Summer Collection! It was pretty fun. I got a media bracelet and people kept bringing me food. My kinda party. Anyway I wandered around and I snapped some shots of the beautiful things that caught my eye.

I think Indigo has the most beautiful accessories. The scarves, the jewellery, the pretty tea tins. I swooooon every time I go in. I pet the blankets, smell all the candles, and try on the bracelets. They even have adorable entertaining dishes now- like mason jar shot glasses. I mean, c'mon. Adorbs. I tried to take shots of just the new lines, but some other gorgeous things caught my eye and my lens!

Did you know that Indigo now sells Etsy items? They were such lovely items! I liked the Toronto candle, but I will admit that it smelled more like pine trees than Toronto. And this, people, is a very good thing. Especially if you have ever walked downwind of the meat processing plant in King West. Also, I really love journals, but I suck at journalling so I always just stare wistfully at them.

My two favourite items?

1. These Salad Spoons

I don't even like salad, so I will probably never have a need for these, but I loved the ombre paint on the handles. So pretty!!!

2. This Easter Dinner Setup

I loved the idea of a little nest for the plates. And the egg cups were so pretty!! I should mention here that I never eat hard or soft boiled eggs. So I never will have use of these egg cups! Why do I love all the things I have no use for??

PS- I feel like I need to mention here that my birthday is coming up next month. And Indigo has the prettiest stuff. AHEM. That is all.

Anywho, that was the fun of my Thursday last week! As a thank you for coming Indigo gave me an awesome mug and candle (and caramel popcorn that I am regifting because those calories ain't fitting in my daily goal). However, they did not ask me to write anything- I just wanted to share the eye candy with you guys because it is only ONE month until Mother's Day! I know my mom would like any of this stuff :)


  1. I'm totes Jealous. i think you need to ask for TWO Passes next time. For you and your -ahem- photographer?

  2. Ahhh I love this!!! You are right, Indigo does have the cutest accessories. I used to work at Chapters/Indigo and we got a pretty sweet discount and I routinely spent entire paycheques there.That's awesome that you were invited. J to the EALOUS here also.

    Now that things are simmering for you are we ready for blogger joggers?!

  3. I LOVE stationary. I can't get enough of all the adorable notebooks, it makes me want to just write things whether they're helpful our not. Also cute tumblers - I love them but don't really need to use them but I still want all of them. :) Have a great weekend!


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