Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I Can See Clearly Now...

The mud is gone! On my windows, that is.

This weekend I finally found nice enough weather/free time that allowed me to spend a couple hours to wash wash wash those nasty windows! I hate how I can barely see out of them during the winter- and my windows are all sheltered from direct weather! Window washing is pretty boring but I basically do this
- Fill bucket with soapy water (I threw in some vinegar too)
- Use a squeegee to sop that stuff all over the windows. I don't bother squeegeeing them clear yet
- Empty bucket (in sink- downstairs neighbours don't like unexpected showers) and refill with soapy vinegar water
- Squeegee again, but this time wipe clean after
- Finish with glass cleaner and paper towels. Do inside windows too

I didn't quite finish as I ran out of glass cleaner and papertowel- so the railing and the dividing wall are still a bit dirty- but it is a HUGE improvement and the whole condo looks cleaner!

Also this happened:

Yay furniture is out!! It needs a good cleaning, but I needed to pick up a good scrub brush as a sponge just wasn't cutting it. The cushions are waiting patiently in the hall :). Sorry the colours are a little washed out, it was an awkward time of day apparently.

In not too long it will hopefully look like this again out here:

I do have a bit of a to-do list for out here (though I am very happy with this "room"!)

1. Paint top of table
The table is so worn out from exposure and I think it would be fun to paint it a bright colour! What do you think? What colour?

2. Redo Black Trim
I never really liked how the black trim turned out- I think maybe something beefier is needed? And it would need to be nailed down (unlike this one, that is attached by heavy duty velcro).

3. Buy New Plants
Most of these plants have died (and in the last couple weeks the tree-like one has really started to go downhill). I don't mind buying new plants though- that one should be fun!

I don't think too much else is needed out here- do you have any suggestions on some changes?

PS- I wrote this post on Monday night when it was warm. I am just dreaming of being out on this balcony right now because it is supposed to get COLD again for a couple days. Argh Canada! Just bring me summer, please!


  1. I'd say something neon. I have a worn out iron set and I want to paint it like neon green or pink, something completely crazy. It's outdoor, so why not? I also have to clean my windows, its just such a daunting task and then after the first rain, they get all messed up again.

    I love the wood tiles on your floor - where did you get them?

    1. I think you should paint your set neon pink!
      The floor is from Costco. The brand is Neo. I did a post on the install last April http://wafflingdesign.blogspot.ca/2013/04/upgrade-to-balcony.html

    2. They look great! I was always worried that it would look weird because my divider doesn't go all the way to the ground. I think that will have to be a next year investment, this year is a new loveseat :)

    3. Mine doesn't either. The furniture hides that fact! The neighbour on the other side has carpet

  2. How about a blue border on your table and then alternate the slats with green and yellow.

  3. I think you should paint your table top Tardis blue! :)

  4. We put our furniture out on our porch this weekend too, only for it to be sad amidst the snow this morning. :( I also need to wash my windows but there are just so many that it's too overwhelming at the moment.

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