Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Future Condo Dreaming

Even though I love love love my little condo, I sometimes fantasize about my next place and getting to decorate from scratch! Now I understand why all these bloggers keep buying new homes! I am thinking of making the transition in the fall but I still have a lot of research to do into the selling/buying process. It is scary. And sometimes I can't imagine leaving my little home.

I digress.

I am sure once I buy the new condo I will be over the moon and 100% ready for this new adventure! Plus, then I will know what kind of space I am working with and start planning out the style and colour scheme I want. Some days I am thinking lots of colours, other days muted. Some days modern, other days traditional. I am all over the map, but hopefully the condo will dictate the style (I will probably end up with a modern condo, based on the areas and condos I am already stalking online).

Here are some looks I am crushing on right now:

This room has a bit too much whimsy for my style, but I love all the textures! I want a brick wall. Sigh..darn modern condos!! We shall see if a brick-look would work for the future Casa Casey.

I love the detail added to an otherwise standard-grade wall. Cherish Toronto recently did something similar so I know this is something I could attempt! And those sconces! My current condo is always so dark, so figuring out lighting in the next place is key.

I am thinking of going beige instead of grey in the next condo (again, depends how the actual condo I get looks and feels). I love this living room as an example of mixing grey and beige because I have a grey couch I intend on keeping!

Original unknown
I like how this room is bright and airy! I also am crushing on accent chairs recently. I only have a loveseat, so I am can definitely see me needing an accent chair or two when I have a bigger space!


Ok, this condo is an amazing mix of colours! But what I really love is how when you look closely you can see this is a modern condo too, like I will probably have! Just goes to show what the right style and colour choices can do to make a condo look homey and unique.

I am so excited to get started that some moments I feel like putting up my condo for sale right now! But I know patience is best and I have some big expenses this year that I would like to complete before I start. Plus, one more summer here will be great! Oh how happy I am that spring is finally starting to show it's face!!


  1. I like the brick wall too. You can always add this look to any wall. If you are really bold you can do a cedar shake wall!

    1. you know cedar shake walls are bound to come back now that you took yours down


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