Monday, April 7, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 6

Current Weight: 161 (down 4 lbs overall)
BMI: 25.2

Losing weight is not easy. I have lost only 4 lbs in 6 weeks!! But if you consider I gained like 2 lbs in Mexico, I guess you could say I "lost" 6 lbs. I was hoping to be 160 this week, as I saw 160.8 on Wednesday morning, but I guess I shall settle for 161, which is what is consistently said after that. Still- 0.2 down is still DOWN, so yay! I also had a really good strength workout this week (in addition to a few runs) so I am hoping to see some muscle start forming! My goal is 1 strength workout and 3 runs every week (2 shorter, and one long)

This weekend I was a little piggy. My week was pretty perfect with calories and workouts, but Friday I was having a horrible day (including getting majorly puddle splashed on my way home from work!!), and I texted Cam that I was in no mood to cook so he brought over pizza. BUT- I only had 3 slices, unlike old Casey who would have hoovered 5-6! Baby steps, people. Then on Saturday I met my friend Jeni for lunch and the healthy options didn't appeal to me so I got eggs benedict- but it actually wasn't very good. We has had to apricot/prosecco drinks which were absolutely delish!

Side note here- I don't enjoy most salads. And the ones I do like actually end up being higher calories than some non-salad options! Salads can often be quite a diet ruiner depending on what is on them. So don't just get salad because it is "healthy"- be careful and make sure it isn't laden with delicious high-calorie dressing and toppings. As well, if I am eating out I am not going to order something I don't like and pay good money for it. I try to order the healthiest option of the foods I want to eat on the menu and then watch my calories at other meals or workout to make up for it. I ain't pay $18 for a cruddy salad :)

Anywho- I find tracking what I am eating at restaurants pretty hard so I entered it in my calorie counter, but I'm not sure if it was right. And theeeen I had a girls night planned! My friends Steph and Erika came into the city and we went to C'est What for dinner and beer (yum). I ordered a tortilla pizza- because I make them at home all the time and know they actually aren't a diet killer. It wasn't cheesy and I didn't eat the whole thing so I am hoping it was a good choice! I also turned down the option of sharing an appetizer. After dinner we went to see 50 Shades: The Musical. OMG it was hillllarious!! I was not expecting it to be so funny.

Hmm...where am I going with this post? I ate some junk on Friday and Saturday.


Boo-yah baby! My time was 1:03 and I was doing 10 minute runs with 1 minute walks and I loved this method. I was able to maintain a pace between 6:15 and 6:20 the whole time, and maintaining a pace is hard so I was proud of this!

I don't think having a "bad eating day" means you should just pig out and start fresh the next day. I also don't really believe in "starting fresh". Nonono! I decided I am going to make up for my bad day! So on Sunday I was spot on with my calories (even enjoying some ice creamity cream from McDs). However, I got super ill on Sunday, so I was out of commission during my prime snacking hours so I can't claim all the glory. I am really prone to feeling ill on Sundays. Lord knows why.

Hey...maybe week 7 will see the 150s????


  1. Go Casey! I'm so impressed that you are still sticking to your getting fit goal and have made it 6 weeks! That's longer than I usually last. I like how even though you may have "bad days" you still pick yourself up and continue on the next day. That's the way to do it, since no one is perfect all the time. Hopefully you have another good week!

    1. Thanks Jeni! It actually hasnt been that hard since I am still enjoying all the delicious foods I love, just working on portion control!!


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