Thursday, March 27, 2014

White Bedding= Yay!

I got a new duvet cover!

Wait a minute, you say, isn't this the same duvet cover you've always had?

Yes. Yes it is. I bought an identical duvet cover :). I didn't even bother taking a new photo. I am lazy.

Three years ago I decided to invest in the West Elm Pintuck duvet cover in white. It is organic cotton, which is soft and nice on the skin. It also makes my bed feel (and look) like a giant fluffy marshmallow! But after THREE years of sleeping in it daily I noticed that the upper corner where I slept was starting to be a little...less-white and bleach wasn't aiding it. Also, recently I've noticed the pin stitching starting to tear and there were a few holes appearing on top and it was getting worse.

I loved this duvet cover and I have nothing bad to say against it, because it did last three years before it started to give up the ghost. So when West Elm had a 20% off bedding sale I swooped in this week and got another cover for $95. Not cheap, but I am sure it will last me another three years!


I know a lot of people are against white bedding, but I really have not had any major issues with it. I am not a fan of white sheets and pillow cases because I sweat a bit when sleeping and sweat discolours sheets over time. To protect the duvet cover I use a flat sheet most of the time and I wash it often. I also almost never eat or drink in my bed. On rare occasion I do it is often crackers and water. Not really consciously thinking about the bed...I just love crackers. When I catsit I often cover the duvet in a blanket until the cat cleans itself (they seem to piss on themselves in the carrier...piss covered cat + white duvet is a bad mix). When I have guests I set up extra seating in the living room so I don't often have people sit on my bed, but if it happens I don't stress out. The best part about a duvet cover is you can always just pop it in the wash if something happens!


What I am trying to say here is give white bedding a chance! It might be just what your room is looking for!

PS- I need to learn to style my bed better. I think a headboard would help but I have been delaying that project for 5 years :)


  1. I LOVE white bedding, but with two furry cats I can't have it. :(

    1. IMO, cat hair gets on any colour bedding so you always have to wash often! Perhaps replace your cats with white cats? ;)

  2. I love white bedding! We have a duvet cover from IKEA that is all white.

  3. White bedding+black dog+hubby=not good. So I'll stick with my greys, greens and browns. :)

    But I always think white bedding looks so classy!

  4. That's beautiful! We have all-white bedding too and I'm a big fan.


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