Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Things That Should Really Be On My Resume

...If I were looking for a new job. I'm not, but I really think the following are some fun facts about ol' Casey
  • I can give a cat a pill AND put a cat in a carrier. But not simultaneously
  • I can easily swallow giant pills. Without water
  • My index fingers are double jointed and I can dislocate them
  • I have hitchhiker's thumbs
  • I am secretly afraid of revolving doors. Especially the metal bar ones
  • My feet crack with every step I take barefoot
  • I cannot do a cartwheel, and I probably cannot even somersault
  • I have my Bronze Cross, but I cannot dive. In fact, I'm not even a great swimmer
There ya go- a random little post about some random talents of mine. In fact, I am actually sitting here with a sore throat and exhausted and hoping beyond hope that I am not getting sick before I fly off to Cabo this weekend!! So, I didn't get any projects done today. Not even packing. Just resting. 

PS- did anyone have pancakes last night for Pancake Tuesday? I never miss a chance for pancakes!

PPS- remember me telling you how when I was parasailing in Florida the spotter took a photo while pretending to cut us loose? Well, I finally got the photo from my mom.

Still makes me laugh.

Happy Hump Day everyone! Is it Friday yet?


  1. That photo is so awesome.
    My ankles always crack when I walk barefoot too!
    Also, I find I can put a cat in a carrier pretty well, but getting them back out is a whole different story...

    1. Psht, you just tip the carrier so the cat falls out (Im not very nice). Plus, dont cats usually run out of the thing when it opens? Meowing "FREEDOM!!!" while they make a beeline for under the bed?

      Funny thing- I swear every joint in my body cracks EXCEPT my ankles. I should put that on the list

  2. Yes! That photo really is awesome! Gross that you can dislocate your index fingers (I say gross because I freak out at the smallest things).

  3. my toes always crack when i walk!!

  4. I like this random post. And I really hope you're not getting sick either!

    1. sigh. I am! Went to the doc and it's a throat infection. So at least it will cure up fast!!


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