Monday, March 17, 2014

Los Cabos!

I am baaaaack from Los Cabos! I tried to pack some heat in my suitcase but Canada Border officials confiscated it. Sigh.

We had SUCH a great time! I went with my friends Allie and Veronica and they were great travel buddies. The trip got off to a rough start when we couldn't be sat together on the plane (you couldn't check in online so it was first come first serve for seats), but we all managed through the 5 hours flight with books and terrible movies. PS- I read FIVE books and about 10 magazines this past week. Nothing heavy. Very fun!

We arrived at our hotel (Melia Cabo Real) late in the evening and moved into our room, which was awesome! It even had a view, which we definitely didn't pay for. Originally the hotel booked us for a king sized bed so the clerk switched it to two doubles and I think that got us an upgrade, I also got a bed to myself all week. I had a throat infection coming roaring in the Wednesday before we left and even though I was feeling a LOT better after being on antibiotics, we weren't too sure if I was contagious. I also had this weird symptom where I coughed all night that lasted until Wednesday or Thursday. It was pretty awful so no one wanted to share my bed and then we were too lazy to switch it up (I offered!).
Our room!

The view!!!
Our days typically looked like this:
7:30am- someone wakes up early and runs down to the pool and claims seats with towels (there were usually chairs available, but the best, comfiest, best location ones went fast!). The towel person would bring coffee and tea back to the room
8:00am- we were usually all up by now and started sunscreening and dressing!
9:00am- breakfast with mimosas overlooking the ocean (mmmm)
10:00am- pool and bar opened!
11:00am- snack time at the snack bar (nachos!!)
2:00pm- lunch time!
5:00pm- sun starts to set so we pack it in and go chill in the room as it gets cool in evenings
6:00pm- nap time
8:00pm- dinner!
10:00pm- drinks at the lobby bar and then bed

The buffet was pretty amazing- it was down by the pool and overlooked the ocean. The area we were in often had whales swimming by so some days you would be sitting out there and treated to a show of whales breaching!! We also went to dinner at the Mediterranean and Japanese restaurants, which with both amazing. Really extensive menu options, making it so hard to choose what to get! The buffet food was always good too- even with my shrimp allergy (sad to miss so many yummy things on seafood night), Veronica's gluten allergy, and Allie's aversion to spicy foods. The only complaint we had is that the food never seemed to be HOT, only warm. But it was all delicious and there are definitely a few extra pounds on me now :)

At the buffet one morning

Mexican night at the buffet!

The resort did have a beach, but the beaches are public so the resort didn't keep much down there. Also, Los Cabos is not a good area for swimming because of a strong undertow. Our resort did have a small area roped off that was safe for swimming, but we only went down there for a dip on our last day. We were quite happy to sit up at the pool where there was a bar and unlimited nachos! The weather was hot hot hot each day and we only had a couple overcast afternoons.

Down at the beach

We had planned to go into town to go dancing a lot of nights because the resort night life was kind of lame. Our lazy butts didn't make it out until the Monday night. We had to take a $30 cab from the hotel (we were in between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo), and then we found a crazy nightlife in San Lucas. Apparently it was spring break in the states and the place was crawling with drunk 20 year olds!! Plus, the drinks were really expensive- $8 US! We bar hopped a bit and finally ended up at a place with pitchers on Long Island Ice Teas for $20 and we shared a few of those while dancing. Then some how we ended up at a bar where they lit the bar on fire. It was a strange, fun fun night. We got home around 3am (5-6am Toronto time!!) and missed most of the day on Tuesday due to hangovers. We decided that was enough partying for one week!!

Most of the week was spent on the resort soaking in all the sun we could (through many layers of sun screen!). But on Thursday we headed out in the evening to San Jose for their evening ArtWalk. We walked around looking at the art on display, and then ended up shopping for all sorts of cute things. It was pretty pricy, so we sadly put a lot back, but it was a treat for the eyes to look through so many handmade goods. We then capped off our evening at a great Mexican restaurant that got us to come in by offering free margaritas. The food was soooo good, but we ate way too much!

On Friday we headed into San Lucas again to go to Lover's Beach. We took the bus into town this time to save money as the bus was only $2 each (but only runs until 10pm). We charted ourselves a glass bottom boat for $15 each, and we ended up being the only people on it! We were glad we did it our way versus going with a tour group as the tour groups (sold through your agent at the hotel) were expensive and their boats looked packed! If you ever go to Lover's Beach, the Mexican Nemo (our boat) is awesome and the driver is a lot of fun. We went to a bunch of sites before he dropped us off at Lover's Beach for an hour.

On the beach you could buy beers and we wished we had asked the driver to let us stay longer as it was a gorgeous day and you could swim in the ocean there. So relaxing! There is also snorkeling nearby, which would have been fun if we had more time- there were so many fish!

Friday night we just relaxed and packed. But as I was packing I heard fireworks! The resort next door was having a HUGE (like 300 guests) wedding on the beach and they had fireworks! We had a perfect view from our balcony and we all agreed it was a nice end to our vacation to stand out there and enjoy them.

Saturday was our last day :(. So we got up extra early to fit in as much pool time as possible, but at 12pm we had to wrap it up! Allie and I ran down for a quick dip in the ocean by the pool and then we packed up, ate a quick lunch, and headed out! The line at the airport to check into the flight was SO LONG. I thought I might die. Somehow we managed to get seats together this time, but then on the flight the guy beside me was telling me his wife was terrified of flying and they couldn't get seats together so I ended up switching with her. I was glad I did because Allie and Veronica told me the poor girl was praying the whole flight!

We landed at 1am and I didn't make it home until after 3am!! A looong night, but it was an awesome trip and I have very few complaints! The resort was amazing and the staff was so friendly. The food was good, the drink list at the pool bar was crazy extensive, the sun was hot, and everything was perfect! Happy to be home, but my goodness it is too cold up here! Now I need to get back to the gym to lose my nacho and margarita weight. PS- the resort reportedly has a fitness centre, but it was a small resort and we never saw the thing so we assumed it didn't exist and never went :)


  1. Wow, what a fun vacation! I'm totally jealous of the sunshine and sand. I'm so tired of winter. :(

    That view from your room was amazing and I liked your headless shot of yourself. :P

    1. many a selfie was taken by the pool :)

      Im tired of winter too!! and Im all out vacations now :(

  2. Ohh beauty, love your pics! This has made me so excited for Cuba I can't even handle it!!!! Glad you had a good time, and that you didn't lose your luggage :)

    1. bahahaha that is what everyone enquired about when I got back! Luggage is safe and sound at home!!

  3. Welcome home! Sounds like a GREAT time! xo Sheila

  4. This looks like so much fun! Mmmm.. nachos. I would have ate those everyday too! That's so cool that you got to see whales!


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