Thursday, March 13, 2014

Indoor Plant Update

I thought today I would share how my plants have been doing since moving indoors for the winter! I have a total black thumb, so I wasn't sure how the move would go and it has been...well..up and down? I seriously always forget to water my plants. Even as I write this I can't remember when I last watered them. Bad Casey.

So- let's begin!

Big Tree Plant Thing- Before and After!

This plant has been VERY happy indoors this winter! It has a bad lean, which I need to figure out what to do about, but otherwise it has been growing like a happy weed!

Succulents- Before and After

There are no words to describe these plants. Just laughter. Obviously they have lost a lot of soil (or been pushed upwards) somehow since I originally planted them, so they are sticking out. And dying. Actually the green one seems ok, but the purple one is barely hanging one and the blue one has morphed into some sort of crazy mutant. Note to self- buy new ones this summer :)

Plant in Purple Bucket- Before and After

Some of the plants in this pot were obviously not wintering plants and naturally died off. Overall it is not doing badly, but I am not sure if I will keep it around. I might just repot the smaller green plant and keep that since it seems pretty easy going.

Mysterious Flower- Before and After

Oh so very dead. Funny story- I thought this plant was a peony, but I wasn't sure. And then I was reading the most recent issue of HGTV magazine and they had a section on plants and I finally found what is was!! However, I have misplaced the issue and now I have forgotten again. SIGH. But I do remember this plant is in fact an annual. Which means it is dead and not my fault. Hurrah! Need to find a new non-dead plant once things warm up.

Update- I found the magazine and the flower was a cosmos. However, upon googling these flowers, the leaves don't look right. Back to square one!

So there you are, one happy plant, one mutant plant, and a whole lot of dead ones. Overall, I consider my first foray into indoor plant care a success- though the living plants have been living in spite of my care so I am not quite patting myself on the back.

Now I must go water them before I forget again!!


  1. I think you're doing pretty good! One live plant is better than all dead. :P

  2. Lindsey @ Happy or HungryMarch 13, 2014 at 9:40 AM

    Agree with the above. One live plant = win.


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