Friday, March 7, 2014

Front Hall Closet Planning

One of my goals for the next little while is to improve my front hall closet. Have I ever mentioned that it is the only closet in the entire condo? Yup. Just one. When I go to sell the condo I want to downplay the lack of storage, and making this little room feel much bigger!

There is a whole lot going on in this closet. And yes, I own a lot of coats. And no, I see no reason to get rid of any coats. I love my coats! I actually have them two rods deep to save on space (summer ones in the back, and winter ones in the front; they will rotate if it ever warms up)

Basically the closet looks like this:

The pink part is where the shoe rack is, which is just high enough that blazers hanging up in there just skim the top. In the back of the closet (not pictured) are two storage racks, which are up high and out of the way so they won't be changing.

However the storage on them? That has GOT to change- it is way to crazy up there!! Every time I pull down a reusable bag I fear for bag avalanches.

I am unsure on how to best layout this space- so I am heading to the internet for help! The shoe rack is great and I would like it to stay, but it is 12" deep, which means that it takes up over a third of the width and shoes are always falling down when I take the vacuum in and out. I really wish I didn't need a vacuum, but I have carpet so what can you do! It is small, but still manages to always get in the way

Staying in the closet will be
- Billion coats
- Shoes
- Reusable bags
- Some tools (red bag)
- Vacuum
- Granny cart for groceries.

Does anyone have any ideas?

PS- I am away next week but I have a couple posts lined up so please come and visit!! :)

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  1. Command hooks for the reusable bags! Hang them up in the dead space off to the side. Use one big one to corral the rest et voila!


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