Monday, March 24, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 4

I think it is week 4. I'm not very good at counting weeks. :)

Weight: 163.6 (down 1.4 lbs overall- up 2.2 from before Mexico)
BMI: 25.7

I gained a couple pounds in Mexico, as was to be expected (unlimited nachos and margaritas!). This actually doesn't bother me because it meant instead of eating only salads in Mexico I was enjoying this:

Totally worth it. And yes, I did try to put some veggies on my plate now and then :)

But now I am back and getting back into the swing of eating healthy and working out! Actually my eating has been totally on track this week and my weight is down a pound from what it measured on Sunday morning when I got back! Hurray! I've actually gotten into a good groove of eating smaller portions and being under my calorie goal each day (except Saturday night when I partook in nachos and beer. But I wasn't that over!)

I think a lot of losing weight is figuring out what your weaknesses are and understanding where you will slip up. For instance, I simply love to snack. I don't think this is going to change. I want a snack whether I have had a 1000 calorie meal an hour before, or a 300 calorie meal. So this week I tried eating low calorie meals and allowing myself to snack every couple hours- and I was just fine!

I have also gotten back into my running and I had started using a new app- RunKeeper! I love it because it uses GPS to track my distance and pace and I have it set to tell me every 5 minutes how far I have gone and what my pace is- very useful for figuring out when I am slowing down or speeding up too much! You can also manually enter other workouts like the treadmill or swimming and it calculates the calories burnt based on your height and weight.

Here are my splits from the first run of the season that I took outside! PS- on the pace chart the spikes are where I took walking breaks. It was super cold and windy on the way back home!!

The best part about this app is that it links to MyFitnessPal- where I track my calories! So whenever I complete a workout it automatically feeds into my daily calorie count. Neat, right? You can also schedule it to remind you of workouts and it has a bunch of run training plans for free. So far I have been using the free app, but there is a paid option that has a few more options- like comparing your runs and stuff like that. I might end up upgrading, but for now I am just playing around with the app to see what it offers. 

And on that note- I should probably get out and do a workout now! :) I shall leave you with this weeks Pump It Up song to get you motivated!!

Timber by Pitbull

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