Monday, March 10, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 2

I am in Mexico right now, where the only workout on the agenda is swimming, dancing, and lifting a pina colada to my mouth (I looked into the fitness centre at the resort but it is OUTDOORS and it is like 35 degrees I wrote this post earlier last week and I plan on reading it and getting back out there when I am back!

Weight: 161.4 (down 3.6 lbs)
BMI: 25.2 (down 0.6)
Bust: 37.5" (down 1")
Waist (natural): 32.5"
Waist (bellybutton): 37.5" (down 1.5"!)
Hips/Butt: 39.5" (down 0.5")

FYI- all these "changes" are from my beginning of blogging my healthy living

I am the Queen of Excuses. I can find a reason not to do anything I don't want to do and convince you I am right. It is a hindrance to my working out because working out is hard and watching TV all night is easy, so I would rather do that. Of course, that is conflicted with my happiness and self-satisfaction at finishing a workout, so I do try my hardest to get off my butt. I swear getting dressed and out the door is 90% of the work.

Last week I hit a wall with my 30 Day Shred. I started to feel ill on Sunday and on Monday I woke up feeling very worn out and I had a scratchy throat. I can often feel that I am fighting off something before it hits so I assumed that was it and upped my vitamins. However Monday night rolled around and I knew I couldn't workout. I was too worn out and my body was telling me "I need rest!". So I went to bed early and woke up Tuesday with a very sore throat, which led to coughing from irritation. I worked all day, but in the evening I again let my workout slide because "I'm sick".

I know you are reading this and thinking "Casey! You were SICK. Your body does need rest". I totally agree- which is why I took the rest. But I felt sooo guilty. It is weird, but I have spent nearly 30 days doing this Shred workout for my trip to Mexico (hello bikini). Besides Florida and one extra day, I had not missed a workout, and here I am at the FINISH LINE and I have to stop. I was worried that I was making excuses again and the sore throat maybe wasn't that bad and therefore I am lazy.

Sigh. Sometimes I wish I was already fit so that a couple days off wouldn't derail my whole workout plan. Because that is what it feels like, especially when I worked so hard to get into this daily-workout habit. I feel like it was all for nothing because I missed something on the schedule.

Oh and the sore throat? It was actually an infection. On Wednesday it was near torture and I actually had to take pain meds in the morning. I went to the doctor after work and he gave me a prescription for some antibiotics. Within a few hours of taking them I was feeling MUCH better and did my Shred, despite wavering on whether my body could take it! It went just fine and I felt great!

I think it is very easy for something to derail a workout plan. You take up running and develop shin splits or a pulled muscle so you shimmy on back to your couch and stay there. You join a gym but the weather turns crappy and you don't want to leave the house. You start using weights to get toned, but then you go on vacation, get out of habit, and lose the motivation when you get home.


...It is also so easy to have regrets

It is a new day. And I am going to get on up.


  1. I needed this today. I've been making excuses for eating like crap and not getting outside for walks or doing my Fab Ab challenge and I need to stop. I need to suck it up and do it, because I WILL feel better afterwards.

    I hope you are enjoying Mexico and I can't wait to hear how it went. :)

  2. I started the Shred 30 this morning! Thanks for the inspiration!


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