Monday, March 3, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 1

Update on my fitness stats!!

Weight: 161.8 (Down 3.2lbs)
BMI: 25.4
Bust: 38" (Down 0.5")
Waist (Natural): 32.5" (No change)
Waist (Belly Button): 37.5" (Down 1.5", but I am not sure this is right)
Hips/Butt: 40" (No Change)

Now, before you go jumping all up and down that I lost 3.2lbs, please keep in mind that the starting weight of 165 was unnaturally high for me so I expected it to settle down a bit closer to 160. Because trust me, I have NOT been eating like someone looking to lose weight!! Let's begin...

I first took my measurements on Thursday evening and then on Friday evening I flew off to Florida! That day I did get a workout in before I left for work and I ate pretty well, but while I was IN Florida I ate all sorts of junk and drank lots of delicious rum! I did get in one workout on Sunday, but Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday I did not. Actually, Tuesday is the first day I skived off on my 30 Day Shred without a legit excuse (the only other days I missed were in Florida).

Then when I got back from Florida I managed to convince Cam we needed to order pizza for dinner (thin crust, whole wheat, but still!). And the next day we went to a Chinese Buffet for my Dad's birthday! However, I did actually eat some salad and leaner meats with my buffet dinner and I skipped my usual ice cream dessert. I did eat some shanghai noodles...because...shanghai noodles rock. That is all :). Oh, and my SIL brought me cupcakes!! I swear I have only eaten one so far!

Then on Friday I had been eating very well for two days, so I went off to buy a new bikini! I seriously own 7 bikinis now...I am addicted! I know all women differ on their perception of their body in a bikini, but I think it is actually the best style for me! I got a cute coral one for only $21! And I also scored an adorrrable beach cover up for $22. I have been looking for a coverup like this one for ages. BTW- both were at Walmart- they have a great bikini selection! And the sign in the changeroom had me laughing for days.

I also stocked up on all sorts of healthy foods to get me through this week!

Oh, but of course...the diet quickly derailed again on Saturday. Thankfully I ate light all day so this FEAST was a little less terrible on the waistline. Right?

MMM. My friends Steph and Dave joined Cam and I for an all-you-can eat japanese grill house called Chako in Scarborough. Our waiter was so funny and kept insisting we weren't ordering enough food. This picture probably isn't even HALF of what we ate. It was ridiculous. I am going to be full for a solid week. Oh- and grilled pineapple is now my favourite food. I am seriously going to be making that all day every day because YUM.

However, I am not entirely a terrible dieter. I promise. I have definitely been eating less during the day, eating more veggies, and making good choices outside of my dinners :). And, besides missing my workout on Tuesday, I have gotten right back into my 30 Day Shred and I am now on Level 3, which is a godsend after the torture that was Level 2!

I also got a new scale so I can more accurately weight myself. I used to have a spring loaded one, because I have never really trusted digital ones to be accurate. However I found I was unable to read the dial very well, so it wasn't really any more accurate. So yay to the digital world!! And let's hope we see 160 next week on it ;)


  1. When I go to a Chinese buffet all I end up getting is plates of fried meat. So dangerous.
    But I think you are doing the dieting thing right. You can't eat healthy ALL the time. Most of the time is best. In my opinion. But probably don't listen to me because I don't really know what I'm talking about.

  2. YOU GO GIRL!!! Sheila

  3. Oh my gosh I LOVE Chako's!!!!!

  4. Wait... that's not all I got from your post! You're doing awesome, and hey, balance is key! Way to go!


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