Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Alang Light Redo

You might not remember this, but last January I installed a motion-activated light under and Alang shade in my bedroom area. Well, I am not sure if I ever updated you on it, but you may have noticed it disappeared sometime last year. I had issues with the light randomly being activated when I was tossing and turning in bed or getting up to use the washroom. Blasts of light at 1am are very unwelcome!! And then one day it just wouldn't turn off at all. Grrr...

So down the whole thing came! I can't even remember when this was but I think it was before the winter (when a light it most needed!!). I spent another winter in the dark!

Then one day earlier this year I got an email from one of those Deal Find sites for a light with a switch (instead of motion activated), for about $20 and I ordered it! Then I promptly sat on the project for a month of so because the switch needed some fancy battery that I couldn't be bothered to go find. I finally picked up the battery in Feb and finally this weekend got around to installing everything!

The light has a mounting plate, which I hung up with 3 tiny screws AND a command picture hanging strip. The ceiling here is just drywall and can't support much so I didn't trust just using screws and anchors!

Now the only problem was how in the world to attach the shade! I used command picture hanging strips last time, but it wasn't really very secure. The Alang shade just has three little tables at the top that are inset a bit from the ridge of the shade- and one of the tabs is more inset than the other two. It wasn't designed to be hung like this at all (it is supposed to be magnetically attached to their lighting system that it comes with).

I didn't take a photo of it, but here is the diagram from the assembly instructions.

I tried a bunch of things (all fails), but then remembered I had this cord wrangling hooks that I had never used!

I hot glued them to the tabs on the shade, so now my shade had three even tabs that were level with the shade! I used command strips again because the shade is very light and with the new tabs it was a much more secure contact with the ceiling.

Oh- and as for covering up the hole I had cut in the shade (for when the light was motion activated), I just cut out a big circle of bristol board and laid it over top, and then kept the fabric cover for the bottom- the old hole can't be seen at all!

Yay to having light again! of course, now it is light in the mornings again...haha. But still, this will be handy for the evenings. The light isn't as bright as the old one, but it does the trick. I haven't decided where to put the switch yet (it can be wall mounted). I might just leave it lying around the area so I can access it from bed.

Let's hope Alang lamp round 2 is a success!

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