Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rearranged Furniture!

On Tuesday night I had to rearrange all my furniture because pest control was coming in on Wednesday. Nothing too serious- the building is just trying to eradicate carpet beetles and I had seen the odd one in my unit before so I was on the list. The original instructions said to move all furniture from the baseboards and empty the cupboards, but after laughing for 10 minutes I spoke to the property manager about how skinny my unit is and he said just to move all furniture from the areas that needed attention. So I cleaned out all around the HVAC unit (where I most often have found the bugs), and the carpet in the front hall.

It was quite the puzzle to figure out how to move my bed while still having walking room!! But anyway it was all good and on Wednesday night I was able to move everything back. Now, if you remember, the layout used to look like this:

And now it looks like this!

Do you see the difference? Besides the poorly made bed...

I moved the turquoise cart to the other side of the couch! I seriously don't know why I had it on the other side in the first place...I think it had something to do with wanting a side table, but I never used it as a side table anyway. I am not entirely sure of the math here, but somehow I magically gained a foot of space in the living room!

I love how there is actually room behind the chair so two people can easily sit at this table, or I can sew on the other side. Plus, I moved my printer onto the cart (it used to just fit on the floor in that spot). I wish it fit lengthwise in there, but it was an inch too big. I have no plans to get a smaller printer...this one is 10 years old and I am fairly confident I haven't changed the ink in 5 years. Plus it came free with my first laptop. Solid purchase (or...not purchase).

The cart also makes more sense sitting in this direction. Before it was a bit awkward to reach around the side bars to get something out, but now I can access the shelves more easily. 

I love having breathing room on both sides of the couch too! The cart used to be crammed in there, but now the couch floats in the space. I am currently keeping my wrapping paper and shredder on the other side.

There you have it- a small change that has seemingly revolutionized my living room. It really feels that much bigger in there!


  1. I had to look like 6 times before I saw the difference but I did eventually spot it. I'm glad that you are so happy with the new arrangement!

    And moving all your furniture for the pest control people must have been fun. :P

  2. Yay that the pest control people inspired you to make a change. LOL Looks good!


  3. Wow! Your place is so cute! You've really been smart about utilizing your space.


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