Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Throw Pillows!

A couple of months ago, I sewed some simple pillow covers for my friend as a housewarming gift and I tried them on my bed throw pillows for size...and I kind of liked them! I instagramed them here if you want to see (follow me while you are there!!).

When I had ordered the fabric for them from Tonic Living (Pippa, Mermaid) I ordered two yards in the hopes that I could use some of that pretty fabric for me :). Well I finally got around to making my pillow covers!

I didn't have enough fabric to completely cover both pillows, so I used some rainbow chevron pattern that I had in my fabric supplies. It goes with any bright colours!

As for the before...I used to have grey pillows with a leaf design on them. They actually came with my couch! I didn't mind them per se, but I really liked the turquoise fabric when I tried my friend's pillows on for size. Plus, the old fabric was stiff and scratchy and not very good for cuddling up against. The new stuff is soft and cuddly.


I really like how the new pillows pull in the tuquoise element that I have scattered around the condo. Plus, the tiny bit of orange in them really reads easily as a coral and I have used coral as an accent colour in a few places (including my sheets!), so the pattern is just perfect. I only wish I had been a bit more careful and lined up my patterns more so they matched, but I left these to the last minute and kind of rushed to get them done before some plans I had. I won't even show you the hack job I did at sewing them shut :) #bloggersecrets

They have so far been an awesome addition to my giant collection of pillows on this bed. What? A person needs all these pillows in order to make the ultimate curl-up-and-read-a-book spot! There is nothing like jumping into this at the end of the day! And yes, this is how it looks every night before bed and then I remake the bed nicely in the morning :)

PS- How awesome is it that the days are getting longer?? I was actually able to take photos with natural light after getting home from work!!


  1. These pillows are great!! I love that you have a contrasting pattern on the back... very fun :) And it goes very well with the turquoise in the ottoman!

  2. This is amazing! I love the material, and I am so impressed with your sweet sewing skills!
    Perhaps you should host a blogging sewing party and teach me your ways! I'll bring the snacks ;)

    1. Im not sure I am much of a teacher, but I am intrigued by this offer of snacks... We really should hang out sometime!


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