Monday, February 17, 2014

Life is Good

I just realized I never updated you guys on my latest Blogger Brunch attendance! On Feb 9th the Toronto Lifestyle Bloggers group had their 2nd brunch, hosted by Melissa at The Sweet Escape! The last one was last November so it was great to see everyone again and see some new faces too. We didn't take any photos this time- how unblogger like of us- but we did get in a few hours of really good talk. It is so great to meet with these guys and really talk about the issues we face as bloggers- IT problems, sponsorships, experiences, etc. The bloggers that meet in this group are from all levels of blogging experience and everyone is welcome! Please join up to the Facebook group!

Then this weekend was a long weekend (Family Day in Ontario)! Woohoo to Monday's off! On Saturday I took my new guy Cam to a Marlies hockey game for his birthday/Valentine's Day. Yes- I have been seeing a guy for a couple of months now and he is kind of awesome. You may see his name pop on here now and again so I figure it is about time to introduce him :).

Anyway, back to the game. I bought the tickets online and thought I was paying for semi-decent but not amazing, seats. The arena is small so there really aren't bad seats, but I wanted to treat him and at least get lower bowl (The Marlies are Toronto's AHL team and play at the Ricoh Coliseum near my condo!). I ended up getting seats in row EE online, so I thought they would be in the 5th row. WELL. Turns out they were right behind the announcer's booth- so front row and centre ice. I am the best girlfriend ever :)

It was pretty fun being that close to the action and the game was great- it was an exhibition game against Swedish team Farjestad BK- went into overtime! Plus I had a bacon poutine for lunch/dinner while I was there. Mmm....

In other Happy Life News- I am going to be a Double Auntie!! Yep, my little niece let the world know this weekend that she is going to be a big sister!

Apparently this is the best picture they could get- she never sits still!!
I found out at Christmas and it has just been killing me not to share, but my brother and I share a mutual group of friends so I had to keep it to myself until they wanted it to be public! I am soo excited to have another little baby to dote over :). I need to start saving up for his/her RRSP fund...and a bunch of "Auntie" onsies.

Lastly, I have been doing the 30 Day Shred for 9 days straight now! Have you ever done it? I am dying. I was doing pretty strong on Level 1. For the first few days I was in constant pain, but after that I was feeling great with each workout. Well on Sunday I decided to move onto Level 2 thinking I was totally ready. Oh My Word. They should just call it Level Death by Plank. Horrible. Going to be a loooong 8-9 days before I switch it up to Level 3.

The good news is that I think I lost an inch in my waist already! Or maybe I just suck at measuring myself...hard to tell. But I feel like I am looking pretty fit.

Yup, life is pretty good right now. :) If you have some happiness to share, please leave it in the comments!! Also, Happy Family Day! How are you spending today??


  1. Yaaaay! I am happy for YOU! Boys and babies and such. Being an aunt is the best, especially spoiling them so they love you best! Right??

    1. An Aunt's role is to stuff them full of sugar before sending them home to Mom & Dad. I intend to uphold that honour

  2. Alright you have lured me in. I am joining the Facebook group. I love blogger meetups so I am excited for the next one!

    Congrats on being a double aunt!!!! And yep, you are girlfriend of the year for those tickets.

  3. Two sets of exciting news - babies and boyfriend! Congrats to "Auntie Casey" and just Casey! Give Cam some time to settle in before he meets the rest of the crazy family! LOL Alessandra (Austin's girlfriend) survived the Christmas get together! hahaha Nicole spared Zach until next year! I look forward to meeting Cam at some point. :) Family Day? Started with 5 of us having an old fashioned game of scrabble last night, me, Neil, Nicole, Austin and Megan. Was SO much fun! Today - I have a headache, but the 4 of us plan to hit a movie or maybe go bowling later! :) What about you?? xo Sheila

  4. What a happy post! I'm so excited to hear about Cam and a new baby in the family. Good news all around.

    As for me, not too much exciting is happening. And our weekend/today is kind of boring, we're officially old and un-exciting.

  5. I'm so jealous that you went to a blogger brunch! Can you only access the Toronto Lifestyle Bloggers by having Facebook?


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