Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Camera Lens Storage

When I started blogging, I was using a point and shoot. Then my dad lent me a DSLR for a few months and I really preferred it to the point and shoot. A little while after that my dad upgraded his camera and he passed on his old one to me- along with a bunch of his old lenses. Then, over the course of this blog he gifted me a flash, remote, and tripod as well! I got quite the collection of photography paraphernalia here, and my old method of keeping all the lenses on my table wasn't quite cutting it anymore.

However, I recently found out that Home Sense carries these little storage cubbies (for jewellery? Make up? Who knows) and they are the PERFECT fit for the drawers of my Norden Gateleg Table from Ikea. Well, technically I have been storing my lens in one of these storage things on the table for months, but I just learned they fit in the drawers. It took me a long time to find a second one after I found this out, however! The beige one isn't as cute as the green one, in my opinion, but it is in a drawer so I guess I can't complain :).

The camera itself sits in the middle of the table where it is in no danger of falling! Speaking of which, I need to buy a carrying case for it, but I find it is a bit larger than most DSLRs so I need to buy it at a place I can return to (so, Etsy is out). Any ideas?

Also, I need to apologize for the flash in the above photo. I wanted to show how my flash fits in the cubby space, but that meant using the built-in flash on the DSLR...which is never good for photos :)

While I was at Home Sense I also went shopping in other areas (because...Home Sense...). PS- it really annoys me that they don't store the shopping baskets in the middle/back of the store. I didn't know I would need one until I was well into the store. I only came in to see if they had a storage thingy!!

Well, I ended up coming out with a new bathmat because my old one got chocolate on it and I didn't notice until after it came out of the wash and the stain was set. Yes, chocolate. And I am not sure how, but I found chocolate on my newly shampooed carpet too so I think I stepped in some and trailed it around the condo. I was eating copious amounts of chocolate chip banana muffins last week so this is entirely plausible.

Also- I got some cute new bowls!

I wanted 4 bowls, but they only had 3. I didn't want an odd number, so I just picked up 2 (and by the time I left the 3rd bowl was scooped up too!). Aren't they adorable? They are really big compared to my old ones and just calling for a bunch of fruit or soup or something yummy like that. I have this dream of one day owning a beautifully mismatched set of pretty dishes. So far I have only managed to find bowls. I now own 14 bowls. #Ihaveaproblem

Anyone else picking up cute things they love but don't need?


  1. Are you just trying to rub in the fact that your camera is awesome and you take such beautiful pictures for your blog? I am seriously jealous. After posting your guest post yesterday, I am over criticizing every picture I take and put up. My little point and shoot just isn't cutting it anymore. Maybe it's time for a better camera...

    And those bowls are adorable. I've been on a Berenstain Bears buying frenzy, I won't even admit how much I have spent this past week on books.

    1. The trick is to have a family member with a hobby in photography ;). And I know about your Berenstain Bears addiction! Surely you have them all by now???

  2. i have a self-imposed ban on jars and bowls. i love using them to gather up mess (hair ties, change, nightstand clutter...), but i own so many i have no more mess to gather :) your bowls are totes adorbs. i'd probably be the person who snapped up the third!


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