Friday, February 28, 2014

Alopecia Pity Party

I have had a really busy week...hence why the blog has been so quiet. Sorry about that! My "event" last night was at my wig salon for the launch of a new type of wig! I have never gone to a wig launch before, but I am in the market for a new wig (well, I am starting to look around) and the invite said there would be food and wine so I figured I should go. Even though I knew no one...yikes.

So I get there and I get to hear all about this new wig from the manager of the salon and a couple of women who have one. Except the manager, and the two women all wear postiches, which are kind of like toupees. Not full wigs like me, so it was kind of annoying not to get to see what the full wig looked like. Oh and my phone died so I have no photos. Go me.

This new wig is really amazing. Revolutionary. It is custom made to your head and then handmade in Italy from a mold of your head. Then it is shipped to Canada and the salon GLUES it to your head, but it is amazingly strong (the manager let me pull on his), yet the scalp and hair are soft and lifelike. I would sleep, swim, wash etc like a regular haired person! You go into the salon every couple of months so they can take it off, clean the cap, and glue it back on. The girls were saying they are very lightweight and not itchy or hot and that they LOVED them. You can even pull them back into a ponytail!!

I was so excited. This is everything I have ever dreamed about. PONY TAIL! Then I asked about price. And then I fainted.


and they recommend you buy two so you switch em out so they last longer.

And the life of one wig? Around 18 months. So $20,000 for 3 years of beautiful, natural-like hair.


I am le sad. I just cannot justify spending that kind of money on what is essentially a cosmetic item. No way Jose. I am not giving up my dream of buying a bigger condo just for a pony tail. Even if I had the money lying around I don't think I could do it. I was pretty depressed heading back home after the party, because it gets to me sometimes how most women have all this free hair and don't even appreciate it. I get so angry when I see damaged hair. So very angry.

On the HAPPY side- I met many nice ladies with alopecia like me and a few of us connected on FB! It is so nice to meet another people who totally get it. Some of them were very new to alopecia and wigs and I felt so knowledgeable talking about my eyebrows and eyelashes and I hope they came away with the impression that you can be confident while being bald! Also, the food and wine was yummy too ;). And hopefully this new wig technology will continue to grow and prices will drop over the next 5-10 years and then maybe my dream of a pony tail will come true! :)

I just needed a little pity party while I mourn over the loss of this new wig. 

Now let's get this weekend started!


  1. I'm sorry that the new wig is so damn expensive. I don't blame you for not being able to justify that much money though.

    And I'm sorry if I've ever whined about my hair on my blog. It's hard to remember that something I take for granted may be what someone else wished they had.

    I am glad the food and wine was good though!

    1. Oh I dont mind people talking about their hair at all- I just get annoyed when I see a person who obviously doesnt take care of their hair!!

  2. I'm sorry honey. $10,000 is A LOT of money. But I really think you helped those other women!! Your lashes and eyebrows are always amazing.

  3. Wowee - $10,000 is a lot of moolah. I sucks that it's so expensive. I'm curious though - doesn't the scalp bit get kinda icky underneath - wouldn't your real skin shed and then get stuck under the fake one? That sounds kinda ick to me, but there must be some sort of fix for that - right? For $10,000 there better be.
    Next time you're feeling a bit down about your hair situation think about all the time you're saving in the morning by not having to style it. Not styling hair equals more sleep! I think this is an often overlooked fact ;)

    1. Im not sure...they say it is breathable. I guess thats why u get it taken off and cleaned every 2 months?

      And I knoooow! I was talking to the girls about how I would have no idea how to deal with bedhead, blowdrying and styling ON my head (I do it on a wig stand now) and how weird it would be to sleep in hair!!

  4. :( that is a lot of money. You really remind me not to take my hair for granted. I have a very weird shaped head so I am lucky to have it. Your wig and your brows are so natural looking that I always forget they're not real.

    Maybe the wig-makers will stumble across your blog and send you one to review? ;)

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that. However, I would have to agree that your new wigs are a bit too expensive. I think it’s a bit too much to pay for 20,000 dollars just for two wigs, although they’re pretty usable and convenient. Maybe you can just say that despite that bit of a down side, the whole event had a bit of a happier side to it, with you meeting more friends in the same condition as you. :)

    Amanda Mazzocchi @ Good Look Ink


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