Monday, January 6, 2014

The January Cure...Done Casey Style

I signed up for Apartment Therapy's January Cure this year after spending the days after the holidays purging like a crazy person and figured I could use some help. I am ready to live a bit more cleanly and minimally and I was hoping that the much-touted January Cure would help me organize my organization kick! The funny thing is that I almost stopped at step 1: Making a list of projects. I have to be in the mood to clean and I guess I wasn't any such mood that day! But this weekend I got a lot more motivated so I got down to business.

My List
Front Hall:
- Measure and decide if I should move my shoe rack to the back of the closet
- Reorganize the shelves in the closet (I already cleaned out some junk from there a few weeks ago)
- Install a broomholder in closet
- Install some hooks in closet
- Deep clean the carpet
- Build a bookshelf (out of my yellow dresser- I already ordered the shelves!!)

- Install a hook for hanging cutting boards
- Buy new large cookie sheets
- Clean fridge
- Install faucet (Christmas gift!!!)
- Sharpen knives
- Clean out and reorganize food cupboard

- Fix shower head (I got a new one but I wasn't able to install it as per directions so I need to get inventive) Sneak Peek over here on instagram

Dining Room:
- Clean out drawers in table (I actually already did half of them)
- Neaten up laptop and printer cables

Living Room:
- Clean out ottoman (done! See...I never follow directions well because purging isn't supposed to be done yet)
- Clean out/organize TV stand

- Build headboard
- Clean out the junk on top of the armoires
- Purge clothing (also done!)

Now obviously you can already see that I got ahead of myself and already started cleaning. You know... just purging a few tiny things.

Umm...ya. I did nothing to the hall before taking this shot. Now, the dolly and luggage need to go the locker and a couple of boxes (the white one in front and the red one at the back) are not being donated- those are my new faucet and shower head, but the rest is being donated or sold online! Purging and doing all this is not on the January Cure assignment yet, but what can I say...I am an overachiever.

Also, if anyone is driving to a place where this stuff can be donated, please come pick me up first. haha. I want this junk out of my hallway!!

I am also struggling a bit this weekend because my wireless router bit the dust randomly on Saturday morning so I am blogging from my ottoman, which is super uncomfortable for my back and neck, but my Ethernet cable is only like 4 feet long :(

I need to remember to unplug this before I got to bed or late night bathroom trips could be very expensive...

In other news, I redid my mouse pad on a whim this weekend!!

The old fabric was getting dirty so I just stapled some new fabric over top. 5 minute projects rock :)

Now, onto the next January Cure Assignment.

Next I was supposed to deep clean my floors, buy flowers, and buy some green cleaning products. I am about half done this step! I cleaned all my floors except the hallway (see photo above as to why cleaning that right now is a hassle). I also already had flowers so that step was done!

All I have left to do is buy the green cleaning products (though to be really honest, I just use regular dish soap a lot. I rarely ever buy heavy duty cleaning products besides toilet bowl cleaner and I might Swiffer once in a blue moon). I wonder if they sell "green" carpet cleaner, because that is all I really need to get right now!

So yup, that was my weekend- a lot of random stuff and breaking the rules, but the condo is already starting to feel better (as long as you avoid looking at the hallway).

What did you get up to this weekend? Anyone else trying the January Cure this month?


  1. I'm so excited for you that you're purging and organizing! That is my goal for this month too, although I have yet to get started on it. I have some other priorities that I have to deal with first.

    Good luck with your next steps!

  2. I'd skip the buying green cleaning products thing. Just make your own with water and vinegar! Add a little essential oil for scent and you are good to go! I use that on my floors and any surface areas. The only store-bought cleaning products I have are detergent and toilet bowl cleaner. Once the detergent runs out, I'm going to make my own, too!


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