Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Great Kitchen Clean Up

I feel like I don't post about my kitchen much on here, but that is probably because I rarely do anything blog-worthy in the kitchen. In case you do not know, I do have a small, but very nice kitchen, which works very well for reheating pizza and keeping my beer cold :). And it deserves a little moment in the sun because it is currently cleaner than it has been for a very long time.

This weekend's task was to clean the kitchen from top to bottom and I got down to work. I cleared out all the cupboards and threw out a good-sized bag of expired food and extra packaging. I hate wasting food, but sometimes one person just cannot get through an entire bottle of soy sauce or box of cous cous that got jammed to the back of the cupboard! While the cupboards and fridge were empty I gave everything a scrub. I seriously don't think I ever want to clean a full-sized kitchen...this little one kept me busy enough for awhile.

Anyway, it is all pretty right now so I thought I would share how I manage to get organized in my tiny kitchen. Oh- also found out I have quite the collection of frozen bananas. I think some baking is in order this week!

Don't judge my lack of food- I hadn't got grocery shopping in awhile. Plus it is a LARGE fridge for one person! Only so many perishables a person can eat before they start to go bad.


  1. Wow - that's a huge fridge for one person! I have one of those odd skinny LG fridges with the freezer on the bottom and it's teeny. I enjoy that most of the things in your fridge are beverages :)

    1. ya I have a fullsized fridge and oven! The whole door of the fridge is booze too. hahah

  2. I love how good you feel after getting things cleaned out. I think I need to do that a LOT more ;)


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