Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shower Head Saga

So I talked about on Friday how I was having shower head issues. For Christmas, my dad had got me a new shower head for my bathroom with duel heads, adjustable sprayers; All the good stuff for a high-end shower experience!

However, I couldn't install the pole that holds the handheld shower head because the pipe coming from my wall was not long enough (there was not enough space to fit it on). The kit did come with a replacement wall pipe but I am not really into messing with plumbing that is behind the wall. The slightest drip can cause thousands in damage over time...trust me, I had a friend who ran into that in her condo!!

Lucky for me, my dad has the exact same shower head and the exact same problem. So he used the little "stabilizer" thing for the pole, suctioned it to the wall, and just hung the handheld from that! Problem solved! The only difference for me was that my tiles are not smooth, so suction is out. Luckily the thing also comes with a sticky option for those with rough tiles or grout seams in the way.

Yay pretty shower!...or so it seemed...

1 hour after this photo was taken, the holder thing fell off the wall. I chalked it up to putting weight on it too early so I restuck it and left it for 24 hours. It fell again the second I started using the shower.

Luckily the shower head just falls down to where all the water is still contained so I just enjoyed a devoted ankle shower while I figured out how to fix this problem.

My dad was trying to find a solution as well and mentioned he had head of Command Strips designed for in the shower! Amazing- I could just stick it with Command strips! I couldn't find them in stores (maybe they aren't available in Canada yet) so I ordered them off Amazon.

I stuck it on and waited 24 hours again before putting weight on it. Aaaaand it fell off again! But this time the white "sticker" remained on the wall (with the command strips holding it in place), and the rest of the holder piece fell down.


So the next time I cut them up and applied them directly to the base of the holder. Aaaaand it fell down again.

However, when my Dad showed up to install my kitchen faucet on Sunday he surprised me by bringing me a different shower head- one that looked from the description to be better suited to my shower-needs.

This one does not need a piece to attach over the wall pipe- the piece for the pole screws right on to the end of the pipe instead of needing to fit over it. Plus it has FIVE shower settings instead of a measly 3! Well, I took down the old one and attached the new one in 15 minutes and it is working GREAT!

I can adjust the handheld head up an down and change the angle of it. This one was also stuck on with a sticky thing, but since it is just stabilizing the pole and not supporting any weight and I am fairly confident it will not crash down on me mid-shower :)

So there you go- sometimes in life you just have to give up on making something work and realize it is better to just start off from square one with a different product! The old shower head will be packed up and passed on to my brother who plans be redoing his bathroom in the next couple years and therefore can install the longer pipe into the wall and not run into this issue. Everybody wins!

Update- I just took a shower and it was a life-changing experience. I can never go back to single-head shower heads again. It was like getting a back massage while I showered.


  1. Ha ha I recently had shower-head difficulties as well! My dad also bought me a new one, and when I tried to install it, water squirted everywhere where it wasn't supposed to! The problem, I maintain, was in the directions, NOT with me. The sentence "Confirm the washers are in the pipe" doesn't tell you to PUT THEM in there yourself! I checked the pipe and there were white round things that looked like washers, so I thought that was it! Nope, there were additional washers attached to a random part of the packaging. So there was a bit of drama as I was talking to my dad on the phone and also sending pictures of what it looked like. He finally asked me if I had inserted the black washers and I said "what do you mean? The directions said to CONFIRM, not to INSERT." I think this problem would have been solved had a woman wrote the directions, because I guarantee you a man wrote them :)

    1. Bahaha this sounds EXACTLY like something I would do! These instructions also said to confirm washers were in the pipe...but they were in there so it was all good in the 'hood


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