Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Home Plans

I broke the news a little while ago that I am seriously considering buying a 1 bedroom condo in late 2014 (need to save up some more pennies first!). Now obviously a lot can change over the next few months so this is certainly not a set-in-stone plan, but it is a goal I am considering seriously. You can tell because my MLS searching has increased 10 fold ;).

I have begun to think over in my head how I would like to design my new condo- what will I do differently in terms of aesthetics? I know a lot of my style will probably be retained, such as my love of white furniture and a traditional style with a little modern thrown in!

Obviously the grey loveseat will stay (I still love this thing), but maybe in a larger living room it will be complemented by a larger sofa or an arm chair?


And in the bedroom, I will need a dresser and side tables! I have always had a tiny crush on this one from Ikea. But will I go the traditional route and get the matching side tables or finally complete my dream of buying cute furniture I find at Home Sense? Haha...I am betting the latter.


As for finishes, it will be awhile before I save up enough to actually change anything major (It seems like a lot of condos in my price range are a tad dated, but there are some nice options too! All depends on location, which I have yet to narrow down). I have a feeling I won't pick grey paint again, but something warmer and maybe even some darker colours. Here are some unique finishes that make my heart go pitter-patter:

Love those floors

The wallpaper is gorgeous!
Warm wall colours
So there you go...a few of the things I am hoping to achieve with a bigger space :) I am excited to see where I end up!!! Though I must admit, a part of my heart will be sad to leave this little condo too


  1. That wallpaper! SWOON!
    I'm anxious to follow along with this and see where you end up. Condo's have always interested me for some reason - must be the single girl in me. :P

  2. How exciting!! Good luck on your search!!

  3. That wallpaper is seriously amazing! Good luck on the condo search. I'm excited to see where you end up as well! :)

  4. I'm excited to be following you in this journey and can't wait to see where you end up. And how you decorate your new home!

  5. This is so exciting for you!! And seriously that wall paper is gorgeous!

  6. I think we all agree over the amazing wallpaper ;).

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! All your inspiration photos are lovely. Good luck in your search for a new place. There's really nothing more fun than surfing around MLS looking at all the places you COULD own, and imagining how you'd decorate them. At least, that's my favourite part of house-shopping :)


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