Thursday, January 9, 2014

January Cure Part Deux

There have been three more steps to the January cure since I last posted (you know, that far-far away time of Monday).
1. Take some time to sit and reflect in a room and imagine starting decorating/filling it from scratch
2. Set up an "outbox" and place one item in it (you don't have to actually get rid of the item, but try not living with it for a week if you are on the fence)
3. Complete one project on your to-do list

I didn't really do step one for two reasons. The first is that I sit all the time in the only room I have (not much to change in the bathroom since I just redid that room!).  The second reason is that I re-imagine decorating my place all the time- I love to mentally re-do it!

As for my "outbox", I already disclosed on Monday that I have an "out-hallway" right now. I am kind of weird because I am a totally hoarder, but a really good purger. So I end up with a lot of stuff when I decide to get rid of things!

As for the project I chose to tackle- I kept it simple and decided to clean off the top of the armoire! There were actually boxes up here that I didn't even know what was in them. Plus visual clutter can make the whole condo look messy and this was a surface area that was starting to look pretty gross!

I took everything down and laid it all out and opened up the boxes. I chose to keep the wigs up there because this is the best spot in the condo for them. I want to get rid of the red wig (in the back there), but I have no idea how to get rid of this one- can I donate it?? The dark wig I still wear on occasion.

I love how there was a shower head in one of these boxes. Why did I hold on to that?? It immediately went to my "out-hallway". The two travel-sized bags went under the sink for my next trip, and I sorted through the jewellery and headbands and only kept a few things. The rest I shall offer to friends since I rarely wear them.

I then moved the gift wrap box and a second box of miscellaneous items to the front hall closet. They may eventually come back to the armoire, but I am trying to store more stuff in the closet (I have been cleaning off the shelves in there!).

However, after all that was done, I didn't like how just the wigs on their stands were left- they were kind of creepy and staring at me. So I grabbed another box and decided to store my bathing suits in it and keep it on the armoire (they used to live in a bin under the bed). The iron also got to stay up here.

It definitely feels much more open and nice up here!


  1. I was going to do the whole A.T. cure. Got the first email and was like, nope don't feel like it. Same with the next few days. I finally unsubscribed this morning. haha!

    Your space definitely looks better!

    1. I am certainly not doing every step, but I am loosely following it so far

  2. Looks GOOD! I just finished finally putting away the rest of the Christmas decorations. Looks so nice and uncluttered. :) - like your condo! Sheila

  3. I'm so impressed that you're sticking with this January cure! I still haven't started purging... maybe it will be more of a February thing for me.


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