Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Update!

Hello my blogger-peeps!

I am afraid I have been very absent this week so I thought I would do a quick blurb today and then hopefully get some stuff done this weekend that I can share next week! I wasn't expecting this week to be so busy, but that happens sometimes I guess. I haven't even bought groceries in a couple weeks. I need to get on that. And laundry.

So yes, updates.
1. My new eyebrow glue came in a couple weeks ago. It is really great and I find I can leave them on for a few days, which is nice! Only downside is that I find they somehow manage to shift a bit sometimes when I sleep. It is hilarious because I will wake up looking angry, surprising, or confused. hahaha. Oh eyebrows, you entertain me!

2. My shower head. Three weeks ago I  posted on instagram (prematurely it seems!) that I had installed a new shower head. I haven't blogged about it yet because it keeps. falling. down. haha it has just been a hilarious adventure to get this thing to stay up and I will give a whole synopsis of the process once I succeed. I am on plan F I think right now. I am trying all the non-permanent fixes first, but I do have a whole alphabet of plans in my back pocket so I WILL succeed. Right now the handheld one just dangles so I have been enjoying a nice ankle shower for the past 3 weeks.

3. I made stew. It was delicious. Except I used the world's most ginormous chicken breast to make it. Literally, this thing must have been some kind of prehistoric giant chicken! I wish I had taken a before picture with banana to scale (note- it was bigger than a banana) or weighed it!

This is my largest frying pan

4. I signed up for the Sporting Life 10K again! My mom and stepdad are joining me again this year too! I really need to step up my training. Last week I only ran 10K all week and this week I think I have 5?? I am already falling behind on my New Year's goal of running 800km (need to do at least 15 a week to get close)!! Need to step up my game and start working in some longer runs when I can. I often just seem to stop at 5K because I have been getting awfully sweaty. Never used to happen to me before! I think the gym is overheated.

5. I have started watching my calorie intake and I have been using the My Fitness Pal app. I simply love it because you can scan in food items rather than search for a specific brand/flavour etc! Only weird thing is that sometimes it screws up. The other day I scanned some cheese and it came in as an onion?? Which led me to the thought- onions have barcodes?? Anyways I have been doing fairly well at it and I hope that it in combination with my increased running will help me get in better shape. PS- Do you know how many calories are in a cup of butter? 1628!!!!! hahahahahahaha And no, I do not normally eat full cups of butter ;)

Happy weekend everyone! I hope it's a good one!


  1. How and why does your shower head keep "falling"???! You GO GIRL on My Fitness Pal - I should get that! xo Sheila

    1. The holder for the handheld shower head wont stay on the wall! I will go into detail next week because it has been quite funny!

  2. Banana for scale - always the best, most reliable option. :) I'm obviously on Imgur too much.

    1. haha I wondered which of my readers would get that :)


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