Thursday, January 30, 2014

Broom There It Is

I feel like 10% of my blog posts are me talking about how busy I am. I feel like my life goes in cycles of sitting on my butt and running around like a crazy lady. Definitely in crazy mode right now! For instance, I bought a few things for my January Cure stuff and then never installed them/used them/put them away. I am seriously so behind on my list that I think it will take me until next January to finish. However, I have been having a lot of fun with trips to DC and just a bunch of plans with friends so I am not complaining- I love when I am busy with friends! I love that people actually like to hang out with me in real life.

But then that just seems to go hand in hand with ignoring my bloggy friends...that is not good either. So I did a project! JUST FOR YOU! Just was totes for me :)

I really want to organize my front hall closet better. It is my only closet and every time I get something out of it things fall everywhere. Basically it is full of coats and shoes, but also a vacuum, broom, swiffer, and a giant level. I decided to better organize by moving some of that useful, but messy, junk to the other closet!

More specifically...this door in front of the washer/dryer.

Right now it holds a ridiculously large collection of scarves, but it really wasn't the best use of the back of this door. So I decided to head out and find a storage mechanism where you can snap poles into a holder. In my head I called this a broom holder and I was 99% it was a real thing and not something I imagined. I walked around Canadian Tire for a long time, and almost gave up hope, but I finally found the magical broom holder! It was $10 and over by the mop section (shocking).

I hung it a bit higher on the door to cover up some damaged paint. I used #6 plugs (the door is hollow) and #8 screws. Why do #6 screws never seem secure? Is it just me? Anyway, it feels pretty snug on there now, but it isn't holding much weight so I am not too concerned!

Shazzaam! Organization!! And yes, the door just barely closes! Stupid giant swiffer :) Now it will be much easier to get these things in an out and not having them constantly falling out of the closet. All that is left to do is figure out how to make them clean the floors without me getting up!

Just so this doesn't look like the easiest project ever (gotta keep things real), you need to know the following:
- My drill was dead (as usual) and I drilled this with my power screw driver (which is never dead, by some miracle). I love hollow doors when I compare them to the nightmare of cement walls!
- I originally used #6 screws, but it felt like I could pull it right off the door so I took them all out and replaced them with #8s, which I luckily had on hand
- I took the mirror and chalk basket down on the wall behind so I could apply maximum pressure to the door while drilling. And the mirror fell on my head in the process. I have a big bump :( Send get-well candy

So there you go- even the simplest project is usually calamity for me! This is why I need so much time between projects :)


  1. You're hilarious. Way to go sneaking some organization into the craziness! Hope your hand feels better :)

  2. That's genius! I should do that for my front closet. It's full of crap (like brooms) too that's just kind of squeezed in there.

  3. Almost gave up hope, but I finally found the magical broom holder.


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