Thursday, December 12, 2013

Random Thursday Update

Hey this week has been crazy! Long hours at work mixed with trying to buy some Christmas gifts, working out, and trying to keep on top of my chores...crazytown over here. But tis the season and it is all in good fun! Just means I haven't been actually home much. I thought I would update on a couple of goals and things from this year.

I still have that half marathon training plan on my fridge, but my running has certainly not been consistent. I always have believed in listening to my body, but lately I have been wondering if my body is a lazy liar. I seem to have sore legs a lot :). I have also been super busy so working out 5-6 times per week is just not feasible for me to live a balanced life. However, I have been going 2-4 times per week, which is a huge improvement over 0 times per week, so that is good!

When I ended my alopecia treatment I talked about doing something special for myself. I still want to look into getting a tattoo or a new wig, but in the meantime I ordered some new eyebrows! fake hair eyebrows! I did not even know these were a thing up until recently and I am super excited for them to come. I got notice that they had shipped out on the 2nd, but they are still in Chicago. I have a feeling that customs is questioning what kind of person spends $50 on freaking false eyebrows. hahaha

I am looooving my new phone. It is like night and day from my evil Blackberry. I feel like I learn something amazing every day. I am a huge earphones user and it is amazing to be able to hear and answer my phone without removing them! And today I learned I can actually control my music with the earphones too! My cold hands appreciate that. I do have gloves that work on a touch screen, but I need to get nicer ones that fit my fingers a little tighter. It is impossible to text with my gloves on.

I also got this new case! I felt pretty nervous carrying my phone around without a case because I am cursed around technology (my work computer needs to be brought into the apple store for it's THIRD repair). I found this pretty one for only $10 at Winners. There are sooo many choices for cases so I will probably take some time finding the perfect one later :)

I am currently planning a whole bunch of vacations and it is super fun. Nothing gets you out of the winter blues like the thought of vacation! Speaking of winter blues, I heard we are finally going to get snow this weekend and they are predicting a white Christmas. I can't remember the last time there was snow on Christmas, so that will be nice (well, as long as the weather is nice on Christmas day. I don't want to miss out on any turkey dinners haha)

Christmas Specials
I simply love Christmas specials, and while I own a lot of DVD, there is something magical about catching one on TV. However, the TV has been disappointing me! Where are all the classic Christmas specials? The only movie I ever see on TV is Home Alone 2, which must have had cheap rights to play this year because holy guacamole it is in a lot.  

Anywho, that is a tiny snapshot of what is rolling through my brain these days. You know, in addition to having my end of year work review (today! wish me luck!), scouring MLS for condos in my price range (still seriously thinking of moving next year!), dating (which has inexplicably increased recently), Christmas shopping (almost done!), etc. Life is busy, but grand!

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