Friday, December 20, 2013

Nail Polish and Fabric Scraps

Those are two related topics right? ;)

Life has still been busy, but it is thankfully starting to die down (5 more days until Christmas!!!) and so naturally my condo is a mess. I took out the trash today for the first time in....well a long time. haha. So I don't have much to share today except for a couple of new things!! I do have some things in mind for next week on the blog, though. You just gotta give a girl a weekend to get herself together!

I keep all my nail polish in a box on my small dresser. I own a ridiculous amount of nail polish, but I simply looove painting my nails. They chip a lot because I have soft nails, so I often paint them once or twice a week. If I leave them bare I tend to pick at them and ruin them. However my old "box of nail polish" was a tad short for the bottles and the lid couldn't fit on properly. I lived with it for a year because I couldn't be bothered to hunt down a better box, but then this week I was at the dollar store and they had the cutest bright coloured boxes! So naturally I got one for my nail polish!

Isn't that box adorable for only $2? Everything fits in great too- but I think I need to cull some of my older polishes before I start buying more. For the record, I love OPI and Essie, but for quick jobs my favourite is Rimmel London 60 second polish! However I am not picky when it comes to polish- a steady hand and a good base and top coat can make the best of any brand.

In other news, I ordered some fabric from Tonic Living for some new pillowcases for a friend and I decided, on a whim, to order a bag of scraps from them too. I wasn't expecting much but Oh. My. Goodness. They sent soooooo many and some are amazing patterns and some are actually pretty big pieces! Ordering scraps might now become my new obsession :) I just need to find projects for all of these goodies!

PS- The one on the right (Pippa, Mermaid) is the one I got for my friend's pillows (1 yard for her, one yard for me! hehe). The rest were all from my scraps bag!

If you have any ideas for fabric projects, please let me know! I am excited to play with them over the Christmas break.


  1. Those really are some awesome scraps! Love that pink and orange one! You go do a fabric scrap wreath or something. :)

    1. I love it too! I wish I had gotten a bigger scrap of it!! I was thinking maybe some sort of flower wreath, but I already have a wreath! hmmm


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