Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Traditions

I always love hearing about other people's holiday traditions and how they came to be. As I have gotten older, and my brother and cousins have begun to have their own families, things have changed a bit and sometimes I must admit that I miss the old traditions. However, nothing can beat the happy new babies and all the fun new traditions that come with a new family!

When I was growing up I always spent Christmas Eve with one parent (and then obviously Christmas morning!). In the afternoon I would go to the other parent's house and in the evening it was dinner with the extended family of that parent! On boxing day I would have my extended family dinner with my other side of the family (two turkey dinners= one happy Casey). There were lots of other, smaller, fun traditions too- opening a whole box of Christmas crackers on Christmas eve, eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast or lunch at my moms, playing with the new lego before any other toys, laughing at my Dad for buying too much Toberlone, breaking into said Toblerone despite being stuffed with turkey, etc. I think the only tradition I have left now is church on Christmas Eve! And probably the Toblerone part too.

I am definitely the kind of person who doesn't adapt well to change and things are changing. My aunts don't always throw a big dinner and they certainly no longer take into account the schedule of one niece (and I in no way blame them for either of those things)! My brother has a wife and daughter now so they obviously spend Christmas morning together, which changes how I am going to spend Christmas morning (however, this year I am having mimosas and french toast with my mom, so I am not exactly suffering haha). I am learning to go with the flow! A lot of people are asking me what my plans are for Christmas and I just generally have a rough idea. Thankfully it looks like the stars have aligned for me to attend two turkey dinners this year (note to self- buy bigger pants), but as for Christmas day I only have vague idea of where I will be when. And that is fine by me

I hope this post doesn't come across as complaining- I am so thrilled to have such an amazing family and to get to spend a part Christmas with each person in it! :)

For the record- there is only ONE Christmas I hope to never repeat. In 2010 I came down with the flu ON Christmas day. It was horrible and I didn't get any turkey because I was sick for a solid week. It was terrrrrrible.

What are your favourite traditions? Worst Christmas?


  1. I am with you on change. I often feel very nostalgic for my childhood Christmases and my Cabbage Patch Kids Christmas record around this time of year. But my two favourite traditions I will carry forward forever and ever - opening one present on Christmas Eve, and opening stockings first in the morning.

    1. Yes, we would open stockings first too! I dont think we ever did Christmas eve, but when my brother and I started dating people we often celebrated with those people on Christmas eve so there were some gifts then!

  2. For the longest time we always had Cheese fondue for Christmas eve dinner and then one year my mom switched it up with no warning.Boo! I shouldn't complain since we now have tortiere for dinner which is equally as tasty, but I do miss that melty cheese.
    Another tradition is to have home made chocolate ship muffins for breakfast after the stockings have been emptied, but before we do the gifts under the tree. I 'd be seriously miffed if that tradition ever changed.

    1. Oh id be mad if there was no warning about the fondue!! We also did breakfast after stockings, but mmmm chocolate chip muffins is a tradition I could get behind


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