Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekend Recap: Botched Massages, Beer, Brunch, Blogging, and Bumbles!

I decided to start my weekend off right with a trip to the spa for a massage. Oh well, I wanted to treat myself! Plus my benefits covers a large portion of massages and I need to use that up before the year ends. I went to Elmwood Spa downtown. It started off so nice with relaxing in a big white robe while reading trashy magazines in their "water therapies" room (pool, sauna, hot tub, steam room, etc). I then went in for my massage with a really nice massage therapist. Unfortunately I forgot to tell her that I prefer a light touch because my muscles are sensitive to pressure. She went WAY to deep on my left calf and I experienced a lot of pain in my calf muscle. I asked her to go lighter and she did, resulting in a very relaxing 50 minute massage. I could feel my leg was a tiny bit sore, but I wasn't concerned.

Then I got off the bed and I could barely walk!! I felt too embarrassed to tell the massage therapist that my leg really hurt...from a massage. I felt like it was too late in the process and that there wasn't much you can do for a pulled muscle (I have gotten massages on sore muscles before and they never helped). So ya, that sucked. But at least I was able to tell her to go lighter- I can be kind of shy and one of the first times I got a massage I didn't say anything and basically was sore for days after. It sounds so silly in retrospect that I didn't speak up, but there you go: Lesson learned.

Anywho, after a few good stretches the leg felt a lot better! I went home to relax, but I got a call late in the evening to come join some friends at Bier Markt. I suffer from a bad case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), so it didn't take much to talk me into going! I had a super fun time, even with my bum leg.

Saturday morning I went out to Liberty Village (which I live close to!) to meet with 9 other amazing bloggers from the Toronto area for brunch! A bunch of us had met at BlogPodium and Melissa from The Sweet Escape came up with the idea for a brunch for us to reconnect. I was really nervous about going, but it ended up being amazing. The conversation never ended and it was great to speak candidly about blogging! I did take any photos, but I stole these off Twitter!

Credit: Melissa at The Sweet Escape
Credit: Amy at Love On Sunday (I had the same dish)
After brunch a bunch of did what bloggers do best- hit up a dollar store and West Elm! We chatted waaaay too long (seriously people, just cut me off when I start going!), but it was really nice to get to know some of the ladies I have been reading about for so long.

Saturday afternoon/evening, I put up my tree! I also cleaned, but now the condo seems to be trashed again so I may be misremembering this ;). Sunday I went over to my dad's and helped set up the Rudolph Village. We went very similar to last year in terms of layout, so I didn't really photograph the process. But it was really fun! My dad set up a TV and bluray player in the model train room (yes, he has a room the size of my condo devoted to model railroading) so my helper (Steph) and I could watch Charlie Brown Christmas, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and Elf while we worked. It took about 4 hours, but we got it done!

Funny story- we thought the company had finally finished making these houses, but last week a new one showed up on the doorstep!! I am a little peeved because they switched to battery-operated and the entire village (including trees and train!) all runs off a single button. Now whoever is turning it on will need to flip the new house (Bumble's Cave) upside down to turn it on. Grumble Grumble Grumble...

Then my dad introduced me to some super addictive Ipad game and I played until my hands cramped (no lie). It was some puzzle game involving the Nut Cracker. I think it was this one. I got home around 9pm and waffled over whether to do my run (remember- bum leg from Friday), but I decided to NOT be lazy and give it a shot to see how I felt- I ended up running 4 miles and I felt great!!

Overall a really amazing weekend. Thank you Melissa for organizing that brunch and I cannot wait until the next one!!

PS- Happy Birthday to my Mom today!

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