Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend In Pickering

On Friday my brother and sister-in-law had plans to go to a concert in the city, so I was hired to watch my niece and put her to bed (I would stay over at their place). The evening started off on a bad foot when I couldn't figure out how to get her out of her high chair and I had to call my brother (oh yes, that makes you feel comfortable about who you left your child with). After that, we had a lot of fun playing and colouring.

The Blur that is my niece
I learned quickly that there are a lot of interesting positions in which one can watch TV. I for one, can not even figure out how she saw the TV from down there.

I also found out that when her favourite show is on (Toopy and Binoo), you can actually play with her hair!!

Haha, but overall, despite a meltdown at bedtime, we had a lot of fun!! She is such a little cutie and surprised me with new words every time I see her. And no, there is no word for ME yet, but she seems to know who I am :)

And please note, we did not just watch TV. We coloured, played instruments, and generally had fun.

I also broke into my brother's Halloween candy. They only got TWO kids this year, so there were a lot of leftovers that I was happy to help with. I don't get trick or treaters in the condo, so I miss out on the leftover candy fun usually.

Saturday and Sunday I spent at my Dads house. I saw my niece a lot and watched her a couple of times while my brother and Dad worked on some projects. I myself had a few projects to work on when I wasn't babysitting. There is a hint this photo:

Yup, that is a Christmas tree in the background! TIS THE SEASON!! My dad is hosting my niece's birthday party in early December and wants all the decorating done before the party (since all our out-of-town family will be there). Since I was in town, I got down to the business of unpacking the Christmas closet (oh yes, there is a giant closet devoted to Christmas decor), and I put up 2 trees!

I wore the same jeans all weekend, but on Sunday I noticed a hole in one of the legs!! sadface! Does anyone else find the perfect jean so hard to find? I got these at The Limited years ago and that store isn't in Canada so I don't often get there. However I popped online and found they still have the same jeans and I got 40% off with a deal they were having :)

Black Wash Jeans

And then, since I had 40% off, I treated myself to a cute top!!

Lace Front Top

I looooove these jeans (style 917 for curves), but I will warn you- they do NOT stay black. They fade to a dark blue denim pretty quickly. But they are great jeans and always look stylish. I hope the shirt fits (the jeans should since I ordered the same size as before) because it is too difficult to return things with shipping costs. I own a few things from The Limited so I checked some tags first- I just don't have a shirt like this to compare to!

PS- I totally forgot about the time change this weekend. I swear being away from home always feels like vacation and I never look at clocks!! My dad reminded at some point on Sunday. Haha

Where are your favourite jeans from? Has anyone else started Christmas decorating??

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  1. Aww, your niece is really cute. I kind of want children for all the fun things. I was babysitting my friend's toddler once and I had to call her because I couldn't figure out how to get him out of his carseat! So I feel you on that, baby things are tricky. I'm sure they felt really confident about me watching their kid after that also.

    And I can't believe your dad already has his Christmas tree up!


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