Friday, November 15, 2013

Projects I Wish I Came Up With

Do you ever come across a great blog post on a DIY a project and you think, "man, I wish I had thought of that first"? Happens to me all the time- there are so many great projects out there to save some money and be more fabulous (and frankly, saving money and being fabulous are the two qualities I strive for in everything I do).

I thought today I would share some awesome projects that other bloggers have done lately! Please feel free to go over to their blogs and tell them how awesome they are.

1. Michelle's Boot Inserts

Michelle over at Sweet Suite 10 came up with these great boot stuffers to keep those slouchy boots from falling over. She did this project for her Tonic Living Contest entry (remember my makeup brush case?) and I loved it back when she instagrammed it, so I was happy to see her post the how-to!

2. April's Juanathan (Light Box)

April at Money Pit Love built this amazing light box with a box, some tissue paper, duct tape, and a bunch of lamps. If only had a place to store something like this (not to mention I don't really own lamps)! It is a great tool for taking photos of objects when natural light is being evasive- like now right now it is pitch black at 5:30pm. sigh...

3. Heather's Faux Anthropologie Cowl

Oh man this thing looks soft! Heather made this cowl after seeing a deliciously soft cowl scarf in Anthropologie for almost $50! She thought she could replicate it herself using fabric from the fabric store and she blew it out of the park! This has me eying my throw blanket of the same material right now...could I replicate it from the fabric store for less??

4. Alex's Advent Calendar

Can you guess what she made this Advent Calendar out of? I'm not going to spoil it- but it is pretty crazy! I think this turned out adorable and I kind of wish I had one (if only because it is stuffed with candy- yum!)

So there you go- four awesome projects that I love!! Trust me when I say the list could go on and on, but I don't have all night to sing their praises (I am off to a cupcake-baking party!).

Oh and can I please ask that if you want to Pin any of these projects (which I have no doubt that you do!), please Pin directly from the blogger's webpage- not mine!

Happy weekend!!


  1. Awww - Thanks Casey for featuring my inserts. I'm loving the other projects your featured as well - a couple of them are now on my 'to make' list.

  2. An empty bottle of wine is how I keep my boots upright :)


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