Friday, November 29, 2013

New Winter Coat

It is has been a super busy week so I don't have a big post today, but I wanted to share my new winter coat! I have been surviving winter after winter with cheap fall-weight coats. Since I often have to stand outside waiting for tardy streetcars, a good warm coat is kind of a necessity. It might not snow much in downtown Toronto, but it is COLD and WINDY.

Speaking of snow, earlier this week I left a wet downtown to arrive at a picturesque, snowy winter-wonderland near my office (which is a bit out of the city). Super pretty, but snow= cold and it just reminded me how crazy I am for not owning a proper coat.

Anywho, last night I was meeting my family for my mom's birthday and after dinner my mom and I hit up the mall to look for a coat for me! We went to The Bay first, because I saw they were having a sale, but their selection sucked (I am a picky shopper so my mom was probably worried that what I wanted didn't exist and this shopping trip would never end!). But then we went to Sears and I found a coat I liked! Yaaay!!! But how come I have the magical ability to buy the ONLY coat in Sears not on sale for 60% off?

The coat is by Alpinetek, but I call it my Canada Goose knockoff!

It was $200 and a worthy investment in my mind. I was SO warm wearing it in the store! It is a little roomy (I got a size M, but I usually wear an L so this is odd), but that is great for days I am wearing a sweater. I also have good warm boots with Thinsulate in them that I got last year, so I am pretty sure I am set for winter. :)

I busted out fashion blogger persona to show it off to all of you!!

Bring it on, Winter.

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