Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Navy and Yellow Room

I thought I would take today to have a bit of fun in redoing a "Pinterest favourite". There are a lot of rooms that travel around Pinterest getting pinned faster than a pincushion on sewing day. For instance, this adorable nursery! If anyone knows the source for this room, please let me know. I wasn't able to track it down.

There are so many awesome elements to this room, but I thought I would change it up and redo the look for an adult room vs. a baby room! The best part about this redo is you don't have to paint a dark accent wall or spend hours painting perfect stripes on your ceiling (especially if your ceiling is popcorn-style, like mine!)

To get that dark element, I used a big navy upholstered headboard that has brass nailhead trim. I brought in the fun yellow stripes with a duvet cover, and I replicated the floor treatment with Ikea sheep and cow skins. A plain white chair and dark dresser complete the look for any room!

Headboard: Home Depot  $397
White Chair: Structube $199
Duvet Cover: West Elm $75
Dresser: Target $420
Cowhide: Ikea $299
Faux Sheepskin: Ikea $13
Total Room Cost:  $1403

However, you could do this room for a lot cheaper in the following ways:
- Create your own headboard
- Paint a used dresser black
- Track down a faux cowhide

Is this a look you would go for in your home? Anybody else really feeling those bright yellow stripes??

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