Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Zee Luggage is Home!

3 weeks since I left Jamaica without my luggage
2 weeks since DHL picked it up from the hotel
$225 later,
It is finally home.

Jumbled Mess of Glory

The journey to get it here was a nightmare. It took 2 days for the travel agency (who assumed no responsibility and wouldn't help) to get me the name of the hotel manager. I fought with the manager for a day about who should pay. I gave up and decided to pay. I asked her to toss my suitcase to save me money. She took forever to get back to me each time, so DHL picked it up on a Tuesday and it got to Ontario on the Friday. Then came the nightmare!

First, they wanted a copy of my passport and a list of contents- so I sent that. Then they said customrs couldn't clear it because there was liquor in it and I needed to drive to Hamilton (!!) to clear it. Thankfully I said no because only then did they tell me I could clear it at customs in Toronto. So I got the forms at customs and sent them. And then DHL sat on it for THREE days! Ugh, I kept calling and yelling at people but no one could give me a reason WHY it was taking so long to send out.

Anywho, it came on Monday! I got home after Les Miserables (amazing!) to that magical slip in my mailbox (our concierge can sign for packages and they leave a note in your mailbox). I lugged 33lbs of beat-up box to my condo and then went through it to see if everything made it. Thankfully, the only things missing are two chargers and an earring. I am a little pissed that someone stole my ipad and blackberry chargers (I mean, really??), but life goes on. I will never know at what step in this cray cray mailing process that it happened so there is no point trying to find out. It is also clear someone went through my bag and opened boxes and cases, which I understand from a customs point of view. Except that person (whether they are the person who robbed me or not), left the case that held chargers and jewellery OPEN and all my jewellery was strewn everywhere in there, hence the lost earring! Sigh

But it is home, albeit smelling like stale coconuts, and I am grateful for that! Thank you to everyone who lent their support on here and on Twitter over the past few weeks, thank you to my stepdad Lee for yelling at the hotel manager, and thanks to my mom for lending me her makeup so I could maintain my pretty face this month :). I will be sure to not leave all my favourite things in any other countries from now on.

PS- They are jackhammering outside my condo all week. I don't plan on being here much because it is boring into my soul. If I miss some posts this week I apologize! I will be back (hopefully still sane) soon!


  1. I have been following this whole saga from the get-go and am so happy you have your stuff back in your possession! I think this story will definitely help people be vigilant about their possessions when traveling. I know I've definitely taken my stuff for granted before. I can't imagine missing all my favourite stuff (and my makeup!!) for this long!

    1. and on top of it i feel like i have been fighting the whole time! if it only took a week it wouldnt have felt so bad!

  2. $225!? HOLY COW! Really makes me mad that the hotel didn't pay for at least half of that!


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