Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rambling Post about Things

1. I got a Magic Bullet
I like making smoothies (I used to hate them, now I like them!), but pulling out a big bulky blender and then washing said blender was a big deterrent to making them. I should have gotten around to getting a Bullet ages ago, but I am cheap. However I decided I wanted to subscribe to a weekend newspaper and at the Fall Home Show I could get 50% of a weekend newspaper subscription and get a free Magic Bullet. Win-win.

PS- I feel like such an adult getting a newspaper. I mean ya, I still read the comics first, but still- total adult.

I went to buy fruit and veggies today from my favourite fruit and vegetable place in the West End. It is some random store that sells produce for so cheap it must be illegal. Except I stopped by today and the fruit was COVERED in bees (they keep fruit out in front of the store). I was all:

And then I went to Loblaws and spent a lot of money on fruit and veggies :) And now I am drinking some spinach, cucumber, banana, apple, and yogurt creation.

2. The Fall Home Show

I went to the Home Show on Saturday and met my two future husbands. I got free tickets to the Fall Home Show with my Blog Podium swag bag, but I didn't realize until the day before! I ended up just deciding to stop in to check out hardwood floors and these two sexy men were there signing autographs and taking pictures with their sexy fans.

Edit: I just realized I didn't say who these guys were! They are the hosts of Property Brothers on TV! I did not just take a picture with two random, sexy men. 

I did get some information on hardwood from the ONE booth that carried the brand that I think my existing hardwood is. The guy said my colour may be discontinued. Joy. I would like to extend the wood into the hall one day, but I am not seriously looking now. But I might check out the store and get some samples to bring home and try and match up.

3. Thanksgiving!
In Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, which is awesome when you just cannot wait for turkey dinner, but sucks because November is looooong. I am going to make some pies this year! I am going to try my hand at making mini pumpkin and mini apple pies. I haven't shared a recipe on here in MONTHS so look out for that next week! I also have plans to make chicken dumpling stew soon, along with a million Magic Bullet recipes I want to try. So be prepared for that.

4. I "Made" Money at Ikea
I went to Ikea to return some picture frames and found out they are having a bathroom sale right now! 15% off bathroom stuff! Since I had just bought my new cabinet, and had the receipt still on me since I was returning the frames, I was able to get a price adjustment. Ikea doesn't really advertise it, but they offer a price adjustment within 14 days of purchase if the item goes on sale! I don't think I have ever gone into an Ikea and come out with more money after than before.

Other than that, it was a nice quiet weekend! I got a lot done (including a lot of sleeping!).


  1. I'm SO jealous that you met MY future husbands! Ugh, I love them!

  2. I am so jealous that you are the meat in a stud sandwich!
    I cannot WAIT for this weekend and the eating-fest that will commence. I haven't decided yet if I am going to make anything...but you kind of inspired me with your mini pie talk, so, we shall see.

    1. Last I heard, you had just moved in with a personal chef! Why should you cook?? hahaha ;)

  3. I like this post. :D And I love how you forgot to say who the two sexy men were, it makes it that much funnier!

    I can't wait to see recipe posts. I need to get some smoothie motivation going on around here, since I've been totally slacking on them and the protein powder. Enjoy your weekend!


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