Thursday, October 17, 2013

Plants in the Condo

With winter on the way, it was time to bring in my plants from the balcony! There were still a few alive- it is a miracle for me! I usually don't have plants in the condo, but I am kind of enjoying the greenery. I hope they survive the winter!

I already talked about the succulents coming inside a few weeks ago after looking a little badly...

It doesn't seem any worse so hopefully they will pull through.

My peony (?) is now hanging out on the bookshelves. The leaves are a tiny bit brown, but I am hoping they are just napping for the winter.

My big unknown plant is now at the foot of the bed. I swear I never water this thing and it is the happiest go-lucky plant ever. I am beginning to suspect it is fake :)

The purple potted plant is just chilling on the ottoman because I ran out of space. My dad suggested I put a tray under it in case it rusts....probably a good idea.

Yay for plants in the condo!

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