Friday, October 25, 2013

New Table for the Front Hall

Here is the major problem with my front hall- I am lazy. When I get home all I want to do it get out of my boots/shoes and coat and get into some sweatpants. I have no place in the front hall to easily do that. There are usually boots and shoes all over the floor, which means that I can't open the closet door to put my coat away (I won't even get into how much stuff I move to get into the laundry closet). And even though I made this awesome chest for boot and shoe storage (and later painted yellow), it wasn't working out for a few reasons:
- The drawers are stiff and a pain to open
- I am too lazy to open drawers and put shoes away
- I don't want to put shoes in it when they are muddy/wet
- My feet are giant so shoes didn't actually fit well in it!

My front hall looks like this 95% of the time:

And that boot drawer?


So while I still think the little dresser is cute, it just simply isn't functional for the way I live my life. I decided I needed something open in this space- a small table that was open underneath for boots. Placing boots under a table is a step I can accomplish on my path to sweatpants! I considered a shelf, but I liked the look of a piece of furniture more.

The only problem with this plan is how small the nook is- I was looking for something roughly 13" deep (but could go up to 15"), under 26" wide, and has at least 20" clearance underneath. An impossible challenge! After lots of interneting, I was pretty sure I would have to build something and I am not a very handy person so that would mean work for my poor dad. And he doesn't have a garage so sawing is really more of a summer project.

However, earlier this week I was in North York for work and I stopped in at a Winners- and they had a table that was close to the right size, but wasn't in great shape. Plus I was all the way up in North York so too hard to get home. I didn't get it, but it gave me hope!

I should mention an awesome tip my mom gave me- to carry a mini measuring tape in your purse! She got hers in a Christmas cracker and I got mine as a promotional item so I don't know where you can buy them, but it is so handy when you need something in a specific size. I keep measurements of key areas in my phone in case I run across an item that may work for a space.

Anywho, my Winners trip gave me hope so over the course of a week I checked 2 more Winners and a HomeSense, but I didn't find anything until I went to Marshalls yesterday! Marshalls had a table that was- get this- 13.75" deep and 26" wide with enough height underneath! And it was wood, which is what I was aiming for. As an added bonus, the table only weighed a couple of pounds so I was able to carry it home vs shelling out for a cab or calling in a favour from a friend with a car.

I always find it funny when I take furniture on the subway (previously I brought home my yellow plastic muskoka chair  that is on the balcony!). And this time I was taking it during rush hour- not a good plan. The subway wasn't too bad because it was actually quieter that usual (and a nice lady complimented me on my table!), but the bus was a different story. I got on at the first stop, which is less busy so I got a single seat, but when it gets to Union Station the bus becomes a reenactment of a sardine can- can't exactly have a table taking up room! So I managed to fit it around me like this:

(That's me giving a thumbs up to my plan)
Worked like a charm! If you ever need tips on moving furniture around the city on TTC, I am totally becoming a pro.

And now I have a new table!

I don't know if I am totally crazy about the dark finish, but I like the details on it and wood is always paintable! Much nicer than anything I could ever make, that is for sure :). And I can fit three pairs of boots easily underneath it. I need to make some boot stuffers to keep them upright (I am eyeing something like this from Michelle at SweetSuite10).

I moved the rug over so it would be under my boots, but this doesn't work at ALL because it gets caught under both doors. I will just pick up a plastic boot tray thing from the dollar store and move the rug back to the right side of the space. Eventually I may have to replace the rug, but I am OK with that because it had a good, long life. It is hard to find a good thin rug, so we shall see.

I still have a lot more organization to do in this space in order to make it more functional for my lifestyle, but I think I am well on my way!

PS- Pewter the Cat is going to go home this weekend. I am gonna miss the little bugger, but I will be glad to sleep in past 6am and not be sneezing all the time! And even as I write this he is ALL OVER the computer, so I will also be thankful to get my computer time back. :)


  1. Looks great! And much more functional for you, which is the most important part!

    BTW - I had to laugh when I read this because the first thing we were taught on the first day of design school was that we must always carry a tape measure with us at all times for the rest of time. No exceptions. Haha so I carry one that is proportional in size to the type of purse or bag I am carting around. It has come in handy so many times! :)

    1. well i never went to design school, but that right there is advice worth it's weight in gold!

  2. I'm still stuck on you OWN THREE PAIRS OF BOOTS!! Lucky niece you!! xo Sheila (p.s. - NICE table)

    1. Only the black pair is high quality- the brown and grey are like $20 ones!!

  3. Awe I am sad to see your yellow shoe dresser go! That is actually how I found your blog many moons ago when I was looking for inspiration on my bedroom side tables!


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