Monday, October 7, 2013

Lillangen Medicine Cabinet!

I actually had a productive weekend for once! Looky what I did!

Bam-Sha-Bam! New medicine cabinet and new shower curtain! I bought the shower curtain weeks ago, but I only just hung it because...I'm lazy? I think it works really well with the colours, but I am not 100% sure it is the look I am going for in here. But it was only $25 and I hadn't bought a shower curtain in 5 years (and my last one was used when I got it!), so I figured it isn't a huge expense if it just ends up being a place holder while I find the RIGHT one.

As for the medicine cabinet, I picked that up last weekend! I sold my only one for $20 too, so woohoo to that! The new one was a nightmare to put together. UGH. the pre-drilled holes in the metal parts were too tiny for the fat screws they supplied. It took me two days because I finally gave up on Friday and tackled it with fresh muscles on Saturday. I tweeted Ikea about the problem, but they only offered for me to exchange it at the store. But I don't have a car and it takes 1.5 hrs to get to Ikea on the I am fairly certain it was a design problem. Oh well, I got it together!

As for my review of it after install, I don't really like how it can't really store tall things, and I am constantly afraid the door will collapse on my head (it hasn't yet...). however, it fits the narrow space much better and allows me to install some shelving above and below for additional storage. I haven't got the shelves yet because Ikea doesn't sell what I am looking for (the wall is 30.5" wide and most shelving is 31.5"!). I did find the perfect shelf (floating and glass!) at Lowes so I just have to work my way on the TTC to Lowes one day and I shall be good! Then I won't have to fold my towels on the medicine cabinet any more- but hey, it has been a long two weeks with my towels not in the bathroom at all so this is already an improvement!

FYI- I totally styled this with nicer stuff than I usually hide in here haha.

I also recovered the tin that holds my random medicines with some leftover fabric from the Tonic Living contest that I wrote about on the weekend. And yes, I put a fancy stitch along it again.

My name is Casey and I am addicted to accent stitching
Things left to do in zee bathroom makeover:
- Shelving
- Art
- New Garbage Can
- Towel Bar
- Hand Towel Ring
- Frame Mirror?

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  1. I just stumbled upon a tip that I thought you would enjoy! Apparently, Habitat for Humanity has stores in the US and Canada that resell items they don't use to build their houses. I guess the deals are amazing. And there are stores in Toronto! Here is a link to search:

    If I were able to remodel I'd be checking out their stores all the time!


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