Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

There is something about Halloween that is just so much fun (I believe candy and costumes are responsible for this). Living in a condo with almost no children, I don't get the whole pumpkin carving, candy handing out experience. In fact, the only decoration I have in here is this:

And that is only because I had friends coming over on Saturday!

So I thought I would spend today talking about costumes! In my family, we always had to come up with our own costumes and make them ourselves. When we were little, my mom made them.

OK, I have a fairly good idea that we made these hats without mom's help

As we got older, we became in charge of coming up with our own costumes. I clearly remember being a teacher on strike, an old lady, and a ghost (but I don't have photos of that)! Yup, totally did the whole sheet with holes cut into it. I can't recall spending much money on costumes as a kid!



In University, I didn't really go out for Halloween (I know, weird right?) because I always seemed to have a final on Nov 1st. Sadface. But as an adult I discovered the joys of going out to Halloween parties and clubs!


Paperbag Princess
Cave Girl
With the exception of the Cleopatra costume (which I got on mad sale for like $15 and have worn twice), I always have tried to spend as little as possible. The dollar store and Value Village are great options for cheap costumes!! I think the Paperbag Princess was the cheapest one by far- just $1 for the crown and a leaf bag I stole from my dad! Close second was cave girl, I borrowed the homemade dress from my mom (her own handmade costume from years ago!) and I bought some plastic bones to decorate my hair and purse.

What are some budget costumes that you have worn?

Have a Happy Halloween tonight!!


  1. Did you used to go trick or treating to the president's house at U of G? Not sure about the current prez, but the old one would answer the door in silk pj's and hand out full sized candy bars. You had to be in costume though!

  2. I have a zombie cheerleader costume that I bought from a chain store that was being liquidated (and therefore it was on sale!). It was intended for age 14 so it was cheaper than an adult costume. My top tip is to look for costumes for teenagers as they're often big enough for adults too!

  3. Wow - I'm impressed you found all the pictures!!! Good job!! GAS


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