Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Green Juice Recipe!

When I was in Mexico City last fall, one of my favourite things to do was get fresh juice. They would just throw a whole of fruit in a blender and we would walk around drinking these giant cups of deliciousness every morning. You could seriously buy fresh juice everywhere! The really fun thing was that Veronica and I don't speak any Spanish, so we would order a juice without knowing what was in it, and then try to guess based on the taste.

Mystery Juuuuuice!
I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I had bought a Magic Bullet Single Shot and that I would be back to share some recipes. Well, after a few weeks of using it, I still haven't used it to make anything beyond smoothies, so I am not sure I have much to share.

Except juice recipies!!

Funny note- I came down with a cold today. My throat hurts, I am sniffly, and I feel generally like 100 elephants just trampled me. I am a huge baby when I get sick!! However, when I look back over the past couple of weeks, I can see that I haven't been eating very well. I ate my delicious stew for what seemed like ages, but then somehow I transitioned to eating take out. Oops. I really feel like eating healthy and getting proper vitamin intakes helps prevent illness, but it this case I cannot entirely blame my poor eating habits thanks to my Magic Bullet!!

Every day when I get home from work I throw a bunch of healthy goodness into a cup and blend it up. Perfect afternoon snack and an easy way to get some vitamins in the ol' system.

Here is the thing, you can basically put anything delicious in here and it will come out delicious. Things I have tried (and enjoyed!)
- Yogurt (greek or regular, plain or vanilla- it's all been good!)
- Apples
- Pineapple
- Melon
- Raspberries
- Banana
- Frozen berries
- Frozen fruit mix (peaches, strawberries, etc)
- Spinach
- Cucumber
- Celery
- Honey
- My friend swears by grapes in hers, but I haven't tried yet

I will note that the Magic Bullet SUCKS at blending frozen fruit. It can do it, but you have to stop and shake it up a bunch. Just don't try. Buy fresh.

Here is the one I made tonight:

Green Smoothie Recipe
- 1 banana, sliced
- 10-15 raspberries
- 1/2 cup (or one handful) of spinach
- 3 tablespoons of yogurt

Fill the cup up to almost the top- you will honestly end up with only half the cup at the end. Sometimes I go back and add more spinach in halfway.

Blend it up and enjoy!

I love that there is no bulky blender to clean. I just toss the cup into the dishwasher and I rinse the blade in hot water (and run it also in the dishwasher when it is ready to be run). So easy!! And if you want to make some for other people you can make all sorts of different ones for different tastes. If you can't have dairy, I am sure these would still turn out by using soft fruits and veggies like bananas and cucumbers.

This post was in no way endorsed by Magic Bullet. I just really like this thing and I wanted to share what a positive impact it has had on my veggie and fruit intake!!


  1. Nice!!! I use frozen fruit in mine all the time. I just fill the spaces with cold water (usually up to about 2/3 of the cup) and it blends - and drinks - easily. :)

    1. I might try that if frozen fruit goes on sale again. I found it kept not blending the fruit!

  2. I bought the Cuisinart chopper and blender and I love it! Smoothies are my favourite thing to make since they're quick and good for you! Your green smoothie recipe sounds good too!

  3. Here is the original "mexican green juice" recipe: pineapple, celery, nopal (which is cactus, but i normally substitute that for spinach), and orange or grapefruit juice.

    1. Oh ya! I forgot that they had cactus in them!! How very mexican :)

  4. I want to try one of those green smoothies! I have heard such great things about them!


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