Saturday, October 5, 2013

DIY Make Up Brush Case

One of the fun part about BlogPodium was getting the opportunity to enter a bunch of fun contests! I didn't win any of the draws AT the conference, but a few companies had some project-based contests that we could do to win prizes. One of them was from Tonic Living, an amazeballs fabric store in Toronto (I have never gone in person, but I've drooled over their fabric online!). They offered up 2 samples of fabric for us to make a project with- ANY project. I picked up a red and a pink one!

I couldn't decide what to make, but the contest ends on Sunday so I figured I needed to come up with something soon! In the end, I decided to make a case for my makeup brushes, since I don't like the case that they came with.

I thought I would share how it all went down!

First things first, I measured out the existing case so I could make sure this was the right size (using my pimp gold ruler- sorry Mom, hope you're not looking for it)

Then I sketched out a rough plan of what I was looking for. I usually don't use templates, because I am le lazy, but it worked out well! Who knew?? It is 9" along the bottom, 7.5" to the top of the rectangle part, and the peak of the triangle is 3.5" high. I left a 1/2 inch seam running all the way around. So in the end the case is 8" wide and 3.5" tall. If you want to make one, you can just adjust the measurements.

Then I cut out my template, placed both fabrics together and cut it out.

Now I had a sweet fabric house! Project DONE!

Wait, that is completely useless- so I continued.

I sewed it right sides together, leaving a small gap on one side. Then I flipped it right-side-out and folded the sides of the square end to make a pocket. The triangle on top is the flap that will fold over.

I decided to stitch all the way around to make sure everything lay flat. But regular stitches are boring, so I fancied it up with a fun starburst pattern! My sewing machine has a bunch of fun presets like this (it does all the work!), and though it did screw up for no good reason in one spot, it overall came out awesome.

Then I made a buttonhole. I hadn't made one in 10 years, but technology has really come along. My sewing machine has a foot that measures your button and makes the perfect sized hole! The only problem is every time I practiced a hole on a scrap it turned out perfect...but every time I attempted on my actual fabric it got screwed up. UGH! Finally, however, I had a decent hole and I could move on with my life :) A few quick hand stitches and my button was good to go too!

And it fits all the brushes as per my plan! Go me!

Overall, this was a very simple project that only took me awhile because of the fancy stitching and the evil button hole. I am definitely going to keep the template and perhaps make some more for friends! I may even make a matching bigger case for my makeup! I still have tons of fabric left since this only takes about a square foot of fabric.


  1. Love your little stars along the seams. You are right they add a little something something. I have enough leftovers to make myself a make-up bag too. Great idea.

  2. I must say I'm quite impressed you own a sewing machine! I don't know anyone my age who knows how to even use one... Let alone owns one! And the makeup brush case is very cute! I have my makeup and brushes spread out in about 4 different containers. I need some organization!

  3. Wow - your case looks amazing! Well done! I'm a bit sad - I thought I had more time to get my project done :(

  4. That looks so great!

    I picked up the same red patterned fabric and I've been drawing a blank. Thanks for the inspiration :)


  5. CUTE!

    I have a bunch of leftover scraps from my "re-upholster" project a couple weeks ago. Now if I only had a sewing machine. Do you think my staple gun will work for this =) ?

  6. Can I get my brush case back now??

  7. This is a really cute case. Have you considered selling these on etsy or something? (There's no way it would turn out right if I tried to make it!

    1. that is very sweet, but I would need a LOT more practice before I considered anything good enough to sell!!


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