Monday, October 21, 2013

Catsitting with Pewter the Cat

Hello! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Mine was awesome because I once again am catsitting for the amazing snuggler that is Pewter the Cat.

It poured rain, but the two of us didn't mind because we took epic naps and ate too many treats. This is the 3rd time Pewter has come to stay with me, so he is totally cool at my place- even if he HATED the car ride! Fun fact- last time Pewter stayed with me he gained an entire pound in a week. I like to spoil him.

Because I am a crazy cat lady, without any cats.

I have had 8 kitties in my life (Not at once! That would be a CAT-astrophy!). First there was Princess, Pumpkin, and Pookie. Then we had Jinx, Jazz, and Jingles. And finally I had Dudley and DeeDee, who live at my dad's house and apparently are determined to annoy my dad to death by staring at him and meowing at him all day long.

See, when I bought this condo I actually had two kittens. They were rescued from a bad home and when my old roommate and I moved out, neither of us could take them to our new homes so my dad was kind enough to take them in. I would LOVE to have a cat, but I just find my place too small to share with another creature. Pewter is pretty well behaved, but sometimes he makes a lot of noise at 3am or determines to wake me up at 5am and I have no door to close on his face!

However, Pewter helped me write some posts about living with a pet in a small space before, so I thought I would share them again in case YOU are brave enough to try it:

Also, if you are allergic to cats (I scored very high on my allergy test), don't let it discourage you! A dose of Claritin, Visine for allergies for my eyes, and lip repair Blistex keep me feeling normal! For the record, my allergy manifests as sneezing, itchy eyes, and swollen lips. I also find the longer I spend with a cat the less my allergies affect me. There are also hypoallergenic cats you can look into- I for one kind of want one of those hairless cats one day because I think we would make a cool, bald team.


  1. He is one gorgeous cat!

  2. What a beautiful cat, and very fitting name!

  3. I was always told I was allergic to cats, and thought I was until I met my boyfriend's cat. Turns out he thought he had a cat allergy, too, but turned out to be allergic to the dust the clay litter creates. He's used walnut or corn cob litter ever since with no allergies in him, and sooooo minimal in me I didn't care - I could have cats! I highly recommend hypoallergenic litter to anyone who says "Allergies be damned, give me my kitties!" because it definitely helps!

    1. awesome tip (because I am allergic to dust too), but I was tested and I am definitely allergic to cats in and of themselves!! The only animal Im not allergic to is horses, but I dont think I can fit one in the condo :)

  4. There once was a cat named Pewter
    Who's owners deemed he should be neutered
    The vet he did snip
    And the cat he did quip:
    "Alas, now I'll ne'er be a suitor"


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