Thursday, September 12, 2013


So the answer from the Grand Bahia Principe is that I need to pay for shipping my luggage back.

No apology for their employee who left it on the steps. No offer of help for the cost of shipping it. I basically got an email saying "sorry for the inconvenience, please send a courier to come get your stuff".

They argue that it is my responsibility to make sure my luggage is on the bus. I 100% get that. Don't they know how much I blamed myself for not double checking it was on there? But it isn't really about that- it is about customer service. I hate this idea that the customer is always right and they should bend to my every whim, but good customer service isn't like that. Good customer service is seeing a customer who has had a vacation-ruining experience that your hotel had a hand in and doing whatever you can to rectify it.

The cost to ship my stuff is about $250. Closer to $180 if they toss the actual suitcase and box my stuff up (the suitcase is broken). To me, that is a nominal amount for a hotel to spend to give a guest and AMAZING customer service experience. If they offered straight up to pay it and do whatever they can to get it to me, I would have written the most amazing review. I would have told people about the amazing Grand Bahia Principe and how they went out of their way to help me during this harrowing experience.

I really hate to go to social media to spread my disappointment in their service (please note there were a few other service problems when I was there), but I feel like I am left with no choice. It really isn't about the money at this point- it isn't like I don't have the money. I just feel really alone in this process. My travel agency pretty much dropped me and it is just me vs this hotel in Jamaica. I really think I at least should have gotten an apology or something to make up for the fact that their employee left my luggage behind.

So that's that. I have a few channels left that I am going to try but I am just frustrated and it looks like I am paying. Now, by myself, I have to figure out HOW to get this luggage shipped back. I have no experience in this! I'm not even sure I trust the hotel to rebox it all safely so I guess I am paying the extra money for the weight of the bag. Cause don't forget- through all this they have my stuff hostage! I also worry about going too far and having them conveniently "lose" my luggage or something.

Am I wrong in this? Should I just accept responsibility for the mistake, pay the bill and leave them alone? I know you guys all like me and will say nice things, but just be honest- was it my responsibility to get that luggage on and is the hotel right to make me pay?


  1. I'm sorry honey :( They should pay for it! Tell everyone. Other travellers would want to know.

  2. The way I see it, it was their responsibility to load your luggage. They were doing it for others, so the assumption was they would do it for you. I mean, how can they just leave a bag of luggage sitting there on the sidewalk when it obviously belonged to someone on the shuttle? That is a major oversight on someone's part, and it wasn't yours. Demand they pay for shipping. Call the main office of the entire chain if you have to. Sure, you could have been more vigilant. But think of this for a moment. Would you have been more vigilant at an airport? No. Because it is assumed your luggage is being taken care of. Same with this service. Give them a piece of your mind!! I hope you win :)

  3. If you leave something in a room at a hotel they will ship it to you, even though it was your negligence (or hangover) that made you forget it. I know this from experience. Obvs your situation is a bit difference, but as you say their employee didn't load it and they should take some responsibility! Sounds like a pretty crummy hotel that doesn't do everything possible to make the customer's experience a top priority - even after they've checked out! Sorry this has been a nightmare for you - hope you get your stuff back soon!


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