Monday, September 30, 2013

Life Update!

I know, you guys are sitting on the edge of your seats to see all the work I did on the bathroom this weekend.

Here is a sneak peek:

Ya...I did nothing since last week. Haha! Got ya! But I DID order some sexy prints for the walls (should ship next week!) and I bought my medicine cabinet! It is still unassembled and in the box, but as an FYI- I got this sexy beast:

Very similar to my old one, but the horizontal style will work better with that small slip of space over my toilet. I tried to find shelves for the wall, but the wall is just shy of standard-shelf-at-ikea size so I need to do some research. As of today, the towels are all piled in the hall so I need to find some option soon!

But yes, life update!!

1. Luggage is still MIA
I am never ever ever shipping with DHL again. They wouldn't send me my bag because there was a mickey of rum in it. I asked them to throw it out, but they refused. They told me to drive to Hamilton (!!!) and get it cleared by customs there. FYI- they have terrible hours. I pointed out my lack of car and then they mentioned I could get it cleared by customs in Toronto. FYI2- I called customs to find out how to do this and they told me DHL would have charged me if I had gone to their offices since they act as a broker. DHL never mentioned a charge! I would have been LIVID if I took a day off work, borrowed a car, driven an hour to Hamilton and had them charge me to clear my own bag.

Anywho, I got my paperwork from customs (for freeeee) and emailed it to DHL on Tuesday. As of Friday it still hadn't shipped. I have left many angry emails, complaints, and phone calls but no one there seems to know why. I am just waiting for the call where they tell me they need something else or they lost it. UGH

2. DCP Update
All the hair I had grown seems to have fallen out, but now I have some weird fuzz on the back of my head. The back of my head has seemed fuzzy for a year now, but it has never grown longer so I am kind of ignoring it. I have my follow up with the doctor in about 6 weeks and I am pretty sure I am going to stop treatment and just go on living my bald life. It is funny how used you get to being bald. In a couple of years I will have been bald longer than I had hair. CRAZY! Maybe I will celebrate that milestone with a new wig?? I should start saving.

3. My Weekend!
I love weekends :). This one was the first in a long time where I didn't really have plans. I was supposed to go to the spa on Saturday, but my friend had to cancel so we are rebooking for a few weeks out. Then my friend Steph texted me and asked if I wanted to spend the weekend with her and go to a bachelorette party for her future SIL on Saturday! Sure! I went down Friday after work and we went out for a yummy dinner. However, after dinner she started to feel pretty sick and was running a low grade fever and coughing a lot (at this point, I regretting letting her bite into my wrap). She texted the girls and let them know she probably wouldn't make the party the next night. So instead of running around Saturday getting stuff done and then going out, we ended up spending all day under blankets, watching TV. It was a really nice low-key day.

Sunday I slept in and then went to Ikea! It was packed and full of rude people and wasn't that much fun. I got everything I needed (and nothing I didn't need, which is unheard of in Ikea), and headed home. However, I ended up getting a headache and the trip home was basically TTC torture. I took a nap but felt pretty blah all Sunday. Hence the lack of medicine cabinet assemblage.

Tonight I am going to see LES MIS!! Super excited. I loooove the theatre and I have pretty much gone to every musical that comes to Toronto. I know a lot of people complain about the cost of tickets, but I don't go to sports games or concerts or even movies that often, so theatre is the one area I allow myself to splurge on! I sometimes wish I could act, but considering I 100% cannot sing or dance, I am fairly certain I would be cast as the tree. But you better believe I would be the best tree you ever saw.

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