Friday, September 20, 2013

I Am Going to BlogPodium Tomorrow!

BlogPodium 2013
I am super stoked to be going to my first blogger conference tomorrow- BlogPodium in Toronto! In the last week I have started following a whole bunch of fellow attendees on Twitter and there are tons of exciting tweets flying back and forth. I feel like I am meeting life-long friends- for the first time! But some of these people are bloggers who were early followers to this little Waffling blog. They comment, they talk to me on Twitter, they email is like have a whole bunch of pen pals and now I get to meet them!!

Now, I AM getting a little nervous too...What if the other girls are cliquey? What if I miss the sessions I really want to attend? According to Twitter, everyone is planning on showing up in designer clothing, high heels, and handbags. They intend to distribute their amazing homemade business cards and I feel I wouldn't be surprised if I get handed a DIY-blog-themed cookie. I mean, I'd totally love that too, but I sure would feel inferior in my conference prepping skills.

(Note to self- start baking business card cookies)

Of course, I am also super excited for the various speakers and sessions they are holding there- everything from instagram classes (um, I have a blackberry so I will be skipping that), to how to monetize your blog (might be cool for one day in the future?) and everything in between! I plan on bringing my ipad to make notes of everything!! I considered pen and paper, but I type faster than I can write.

When it comes to my outfit for Saturday I have NO IDEA what to wear. Because all my cute clothes, shoes, and necklaces are in Jamaica. Now granted, they are on their way back to finally! YAY! But they won't arrive in time. Sadface. And paying to courier 30lbs of clothing to Canada cost enough to dissuade me from spending money on new clothing. Tell me- are you wearing jeans? Cause I kind of want to wear jeans, but if everyone is in beautiful dresses I just may die. Ugh, WHY is the perfect dress sitting in my luggage in Jamaica?

Also, I am wearing flats, maybe boots. Screw heels.

If you are going to BlogPodium too, please leave a comment and I shall be sure to find you tomorrow! I will be the girl that shows up naked because she has no cute clothes ;)


  1. The excitement is settling in. I'll be there as well. I'll be sure to look out for you #BlogPodium2013

  2. I'm going, and as discussed on twitter yesterday I also have no idea what to wear. Don't worry - I won't be wearing designer anything, and I'll be the totally uncool one actually writing notes with a pen and paper because I'm the only blogger on the planet who doesn't have an IPad.

    1. you can rock it like Elle Woods did in law school!

  3. You already know I'm going to be there! Also, your comment on the business cards actually made me laugh out loud.

    I plan on wearing black jeans, black blazer, a sleeveless blouse from HM, and some cut flats that I'm going to buy after work today because wearing black TOMS is definitely not going to fit in with all of those fabulous outfits that people will be wearing!

    AND I too am very nervous! I tend to clam up around large groups of people,become very quiet, lose my train of thought and ramble about stupid shit....honestly I hope I don't make a fool of myself! AND I also worry about the clique thing....oh man I think I am becoming that over paranoid girl that just invaded your comments box!

    SEE you tomorrow!

  4. Casey, it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday! Hope you had an amazing day! Stay in touch!


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