Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Decorating!

I decided to update my TV stand with a little fall decor. This all started when I was in Home Sense and found the most beautiful goldish pumpkin thing. I wanted it! But it was $12 and I have so many decorations like that and I didn't need to be buying a new one. So I decided to head to the dollar store and find a few new items to spruce up my mantle for cheaper!

My TV stand went from this:

To this:

On the left, I just switched some stuff around with other areas of the condo and brought in my succulents from the outdoors. They aren't looking great so I am hoping I can save them with the warmer temperatures indoors.

On the right, I switched out the purple colours from my spring arrangement of flowers and brought in some yellows and oranges! The dollar store has such an awesome selection of fake flowers!

I also picked up some plastic pumpkins (because what is fall decor without pumpkins??), and I painted two of them a pale turquoise and a deep navy. The sparkly orange one was bought like that, but I painted over the sparkly green stem with navy to help tie the three of them together. I thought they turned out pretty well!

I like that I was able to tie in teals and yellows with the pop of orange that a fall decor collection demands- it really fits in with the colours and style of the condo! I believe the final price was around $10 for all the supplies (I used paint that I had on hand), so it was cheaper than buying that one pumpkin from Home Sense AND I got a whole collection of cute things!

I never thought I would be the kind of person who decorates for fall, but blogging about home decor sure will change the way you approach things ;). Do you decorate for the season?

Also, I updated my chalkboard wall!

Not fall related, I just thought it was cool ;)

I used to draw designs like this on all my note pads and on the back of my hands when I was in grade school- usually in milky pens (does anyone remember those??). It dawned on me that it would be a cool design for the hallway so I had some fun doing this on Friday! I just hope now that I don't accidentally bump into it- the hallway is only 3ft wide!


  1. You're one step ahead of me. I thought about fall decorating, but then realized simply cleaning was a better first step. :-)

  2. I think I'm wearing some of your chalkboard design on my black sweater. Thanks a lot!

  3. The chalkboard looks awesome!


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