Monday, September 9, 2013

Dream House: Office

While I am away sipping cocktails on a beach, I thought I would share my dream future house!

Some days I just dream of an office space, lined with books and neat tchotchkes. I wonder if people actually USE offices though. I mean, I suppose if you work from home you would, but what about regular folk who spend too much time on Twitter? I am watching Netflix as I write this, so I think my office would need a TV. I am revolutionary!,une-bibliotheque-nichee-dans-le-mur,200040,39072,12#?slide=13
Also, it is a dream of mine to have a place with built in book shelves, but to fill those bookshelves with books like "A History of Cats", and "The Evolution of the Banana". FYI, those aren't real books. I just want a random and hilarious book collection.

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