Friday, August 30, 2013

Update on the Condo and the Casey

1. The bathroom is still not painted. I think I have about 10% convinced my friend Veronica to paint it for me as a surprise while I'm in Jamaica. Vee- I totes promise to act surprised. No, I have not even bought paint yet. But I did go to the storage locker to see if I needed to buy rollers and brushes (spoiler: I do!).

2. My motion-activated light broke about 2 weeks ago. It always had this weird problem of only detecting motion while I was leaning over my bed vs directly under it. I am sure rotating the shade would have fixed this, but I am lazy so I just spent 8 months hitting the sweet spot on the bed to turn it on. But then a couple of weeks ago it just randomly would not turn off at all! So I took it down because Casey needs sleep, yo. And to date I have done nothing to fix it. Go me.

3. I have not packed for my trip yet. I leave in 2 days. Is this normal? I did make a list, and I know everything I need is in the condo somewhere, so I mostly just have to assemble things into the suitcase. I also brought my suitcase up from the locker already. Baby steps, people. Did I mention my suitcase wheels are a bit broken? Why on Earth did I not buy a new suitcase before this trip? Haha, oh well!

4. DCP treatments are going terribly. In good news- I haven't had much blistering lately! But the bad news is that pretty much all my new growth has fallen out again. Yay Alopecia! The only thing it is predictable for is being unpredictable. I only have a couple months left until my next appointment and I will discuss it with the doctor, but I am pretty sure I have reached the end of the treatment line.


I will be MIA next week. I do not understand people that tweet and facebook while on vacation. I mean for one, you are on vacation! Disconnect and relax! And two, have you SEEN the roaming charges and the cost of a data package for the Caribbean? No thank you!

I just want to look at this, not a screen :)

Have a great week everyone!!


  1. Enjoy your trip! Add suitcase to your Christmas list! xo Sheila

  2. Enjoy Jamaica! I love that you don't touch your phone on vacation... we are the same way! Have the best time ever! :)

  3. Have a great time in Jamaica!

  4. Why worry about packing? You're going to Jamaica - a couple of bathing suits, some cover-ups, and a couple of things to wear for dinner and you're set! :)
    Have fun on vacation!

  5. Thanks everyone!! I will be sure to have loads of fun!!!


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