Friday, August 2, 2013

Under The Bed Storage

When you live in a tiny condo, you need to maximize your storage! That means you need to take advantage of storage underneath the bed. There are actually lots of bed frames for all budgets that have drawers underneath the bed. I, however, like to store things at the side of my bed AND at the foot, since my bed sits against the wall. Most storage beds only have storage on the sides, so they actually would decrease my storage capabilities since I couldn't use one whole side!

I did look into all sorts of under-the-bed solutions at Ikea and Solutions, but I wasn't able to find a good solution. A lot of options are designed to roll out the side, but they are the width of the bed, and I don't have the room between the armoire and my bed. Or I was finding they were all an inch too tall! That is odd because I am pretty sure my metal bedframe is pretty standard-issue.

Finally one day at Ikea I found these wire baskets.

I think they are supposed to go with one of their closet systems, but the size and height was perfect! Plus, they were cheap ;). Since this is under my bed I certainly didn't need anything fancy. The only problem was that the wire frame is not a good item to be dragging across hardwood floors. So I covered them in fabric! Nothing fancy, just a quick handstitch around the top.

Don't mind the dust bunnies
I could actually fit three perfectly between the legs of the bed! I use them to store all sorts of stuff that a normal person would put in a closet- beach towels, backpacks, snuggies (haha- only used when I'm sick!), and even my bathing suits!

The dark fabric works well to hide them from view when you are looking at the foot of the bed. I have also been using them without issue for about 2-3 years now without any damage to the floor, so my fabric plan turned out well! I think eventually I will work on recovering them with snaps to secure (vs sewn on), so that I can take them off and wash those dust bunnies away!

Do you store things under the bed? What do you use?


  1. I need your organization skills.

    1. lol! I dont consider myself organized at all!

    2. i second this. feel free to come to my house too :)

  2. I knew I was going to like your blog straight away!! Your condo is so sweet. I'm following you on bloglovin now :-)

    1. Youre so sweet! Im going to go check your blog out :)


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