Friday, August 9, 2013

Terry Fox Run 2013!

On Sept 15th of this year I will be participating in my 5th Terry Fox Run at Wilket Creek Park in Toronto. In Canada, every school does a walk for Terry Fox in the fall, but after graduating I kind of stopped doing it. After university, my friend Sarah asked me if we wanted to make a team and do the Terry Fox Run in Toronto- and we have gone ever since! It is a lot of fun (tons of free food!), and the 10K can be run, walked, biked, or even skipped all together :) Raising money is all they ask!

This year I plan on running the whole 10K! I am have been trying to get back into running, but since I will be drinking in Jamaica for a week before the run, I hope I can at least finish without collapsing!

I thought I would share my photos of the run from the past four years!

The first year we walked the 10K- and I met Colin Mochrie (anyone else love Whose Line?)!

In 2010 we both ran 5K without planning to! I also met my pal Colin again, and his wife Deb McGrath.

In 2011 we went back to walking... (I am pointing out Team Amazing- best team ever- on the sign) Colin Mochrie disappeared in 2011 and 2012. I am going to try and twitterflood him to get him back. haha

Then in 2012 the run was shortened to 5K, due to construction, and I ran it by myself while Sarah walked. I think I nearly died. I can't believe I ran a 10K the following Spring!

So far we have had four years of amazing weather (it starts at 8am- hence the sweater in some photos), and I hope this year is no different!

Anywho, I think you are all getting to where this post is going...I want your money! The Terry Fox Foundation is an amazing charity that supports cancer research and helping families. Any thing helps- even just $10. Our team goal each year is $1000 and I hope this year to bust right though that!

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If you want to learn more about Terry Fox, please watch the video below. He is an amazing inspiration! He lost a leg to cancer, and then decided to run across Canada to raise money. He ran a MARATHON distance every day to try and achieve his goal (with an artificial leg!), but unfortunately his run was cut short about halfway through when his cancer returned. Terry did not get to finish his run, passing away just a few short months later.


  1. OMG, Colin! I'm so glad they brought back who's line is it anyway!

  2. Casey that is amazing you met Colin Mochrie in person, he's hilarious on who's line. I do the walk with my sons class every year, but haven't done the run in years. Good luck and I hope you meet your fundraising goal!

  3. Still want me to run 10K with you? I started running again.

  4. I cannot believe you met Colin Mochrie...TWICE!!!!! You are my hero. I love that guy.
    I haven't done the Terry Fox Run thing since HS sadly... I really need to get back into the steady running. Do you need a running buddy?! I feel like you might be some good inspiration.

    1. You are 100% welcome to out and join us!! We run at Wilket Creek


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